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  1. it's phpbms, it's open source biz management software that my friend develops. It's just been heavily customized to to do this. You should check out their site though, phpbms.org Thanks btw for all the comments, I too hope it catches on, please please please upload stuff you can spare, models, materials, scenes, tutorials, anything that you think people might need
  2. Hey guys, I've noticed over the years it was tough finding free c4d models on the web, so I made this site and uploaded enough models to get it started. Everything is free, if you wouldn't mind stopping by and sharing what you can spare I'd appreciate that and feel free to leach as well. I'll get models on there as I get more time. Also, if you experience problems with the site just shoot me an email at steve@supafraud.com right now i am aware of sometimes people get an error when trying to upload larger files but that should be fixed soon and your account confirmation email might go to your spam box so check that if it doesn't show up right away. Anyhoo, enjoy! http://www.c4dmodels.com upload what you can also oh! and btw, leave the search box empty to have it list all models. I'm not sure if thats something I should keep, or if I should add a "list all models" link, what do you think?
  3. supafraud

    my 3d reel

    Thanks for that, it's good to get other people's take on things. not to blame shift ha, but most of this work (and one of the reasons there is soooo much of it) has had extremely short deadlines and i agree the quality has suffered a bit. I think maybe I ought to really just sit down and make some animations specifically for my reel instead of a montage of all the stuff i've done in the past year. I think I could really improve on my camera movements, is there such a thing as camera theory? I am self taught, and as a result I lack a lot of the design training that i think you are seeing showing up in my work. Do you know of any online resources that would go over dynamic camera movements?
  4. supafraud

    my 3d reel

    Thanks for the input, i agree with everything you said i think, that's why i come here, people don't beat around the bush. I'm glad you mentioned the mouse, i was going for the mouse head bobbing that they do and think i could have executed it better. That first animation took me 16 days of no sleeping and i think i started losing perspective on it. Interesting point about the name at the end, i guess if they are watching the reel, they probably already know how to get ahold of me right? ;-)
  5. supafraud

    my 3d reel

    Hello, i'm going to be looking for a 3d animator position sometime in the future, what do you guys think? http://c4dmodels.net/stevereel.mov feedback would be great
  6. I'll give this a shot because I'm not actually using a star, just used that as an example. Unfortunately I wanted to use an animated file with an alpha, but if it's broken, then it's broken! This work around you found will be helpfull for other things though, thanks man!
  7. yeah, i'm trying to make an emitter work like this: I make a tif file of a star with an alpha, use the star shape to emit the parts. I just reinstalled today and will try again in a few minutes. Thanks for the help thus far
  8. Hey thanks for posting. Yeah I tried that just now and it has actually stopped emitting altogether with that setting :-(
  9. So I happen to like Motion 3 for doing simple quick jobs, and I happen to run into a few problem every now and again. Today is no different. I have never gotten the emitters to work in image mode. For example, if you were to get the default "corona" emitter (looks like a ring of fire from The Ring) it emits around a shape, the circle. You can change it from shape to image and then drag an image with an alpha into the image box. From what I understood (and I think I saw this in a VTC video for Motion 2) the emitter should now be using the shape of the image alpha to arrange the particles at birth to have that shape shooting fire. This is not the result that I'm getting. Instead I'm getting the emitter using the full image size as the emitter shape, shooting fire around the edges of the screen. This seems useless, as you can already use a rectangle or square as a shape. At first I thought it couldn't see my alpha, but several different methods and alphas have had the same results. the alpha is even transparent in the image box, so I assume that it HAS to see the alpha. Anyone have this problem?
  10. same url: http://www.newsyouneedtoknow.com/reels/stevereelhi.mov any better?
  11. thanks binky, I haven't actually edited this really, just sort of threw a bunch of stuff on a timeline and dropped a song on it. I think you are right, I ought to speed all of it up. I guess I was mostly wondering if the content looked amature, I'm an editor that is trying to become a motion graphics artist and while I know i have a long way to go, I'm wondering if you think I'm good enough yet to get a junior position somewhere or if I have a ways to go before I even consider looking...
  12. supafraud

    Is this crap?

    Hello, I haven't really sat down and really worked on a reel, I'm usually too busy with work to really spend the time making something nice. I have however thrown together some of the work I have done recently and I was wondering if you guys thought it was worthy of using to get a job, or if I should hide this and pretend I never made it: http://newsyouneedtoknow.com/reels/stevereelhi.mov Thanks!
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