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  1. Footage items won't scale nicely, but continually rasterize all of your PreComps and layers that matter, hoping nothing breaks. Everything that can scale, will scale, but keep an eye out for some oddities that may arise from that pesky asterisk. If something comes up, you will just need to noodle things a bit to work proper. You will find comps that use 3d layers to be the most troubling, in which case a 3d break adjustment layer may help.


    Thanks for taking time to reply. I will reply to let you know how it goes!

  2. How do the pros do it?


    I found this flash video on the web (link below), and I am amazed at the quality, and how fast it loaded and played fine, with no stutters or choppiness.


    1st example: http://www.videocopilot.net/products/proscores/


    he is a God yes! but he can also encode video nicely







    My question is, how were they able to do this? What kind of program / codec is able to produce such high quality video, while still being able to playback well on a pretty basic computer?


    1. Best way to upload to YouTube so they dont change the compression if possible.

    2. Software and settings needed!

    3. Its an emergency

    4. Thanks lots in advance!

  3. To be optically accurate, the view through a thin air-filled balloon won't be distorted at all. You can see that in the reference photo with the dog. The rendered one above is a sort of red-glass balloon, acting like a lens. Very candylike, to my eye. The traditional "warped white square" on a drawn or cartoon balloon is a speculated nearby window...


    I'd guess in either case (surreal hard-candy lens-balloon or air-filled reflective) having the balloon be aspherical and tumbling or wobbling a little, affecting the see-through or the reflection, would help sell it.



    thanks for the reply, really helpful.

    I'll post some new renders later today. hopefully get your feedback too!

  4. Hello all, I haven't been on Mograph for a while (forgot my login)! ... but I have a request :huh: and would be over the moon if somebody could give me some tips!


    I have a solution for the balloon string with the use of Trapcode particular and could upload the actual balloon file if somebody wants to have a look!


    see this link for movement ideas:


  5. Hey Mographs,


    Its a lot to ask I guess but I'm making a book using 'Blurb.com', and wanted help choosing a title so far I've come up with 'Motion Graphics' which is really dull... it has storyboards using screenshots and has all my work from university in... so a title that sums up my time at university could be good.


    any ideas would be appreciated,


  6. Hi Mographs,


    Really need some help please! would somebody be kind enough to supply me with a pitch/presentation of a branding idea they had... I've never constructed a presentation before and I'm finding it rather difficult... so if anybody could upload a pitch they've made in powerpoint it would be amazing.


    thanks in advance,



    pps I know its a lot to ask but I'm really stressing about it.

  7. Hi Mographs,


    I'm about to present my first live project presentation/pitch for initial feedback.


    Any tips would be appreciated as I'm slightly worried. What to take how to present, and so on.


    Thanks in advance,


  8. Hi


    Hope everybody is good at mograph :H


    Anyways... I'm looking for some examples of really good DVD menus - old or new - any subject. I'm about to make a DVD for my university... but wanted to make it decent and long-lasting with clever navigation.



    The DVD is basically a promo tool for the university - crossing many design disciplines/courses.


    Also I have DVD studio pro - BUT what do film studios use? As its rather clumsy at times.



    Thanks in advance.


  9. Just select all you layers in the timeline, set them to their correct duration, and then righ click->Keyframe Assistant>Sequence layers. Is that what you mean?



    yes perfect thanks so much! i have over 200 small layers that just need to appear at slightly different times.

  10. Hi,


    Is there any way to automate a batch of illustrator files to 'step' in the timeline?


    I googled it but it just came up with Automatic Duck (You can choose the direction layers "step" in AE) which I didnt want to buy

  11. Somewhat related question: What is preferable quality- hdv recorded to tape, or the mpeg compression of a hard-drive equipped camera? I've used an hdv camera- and found it artifacted a bit with extreme motion. But it keyed greenscreen alright.


    I usually only work with film footage, but it would be sweet to have an hd consumer cam to run and gun stuff on the cheap.



    extreme motion is resolved with progressive scan... I think!


    from everything I've read hdv to tape is preferable, less compression.

    The hard-drive and memory cards are compressing too much

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