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  1. thanks Sao_Bento and graymachine just ordered one from Amazon
  2. I've just read that it supports DV in/out (source: canon spec). Do you guys know whether or not I can record edited footage from final cut back onto a Mini DV tape that will playback on a standard definition tape deck? Thanks for the replies, really helpful. The 24p is nice
  3. Hi, There seem to be a tonne of HD camcorders, its just choosing one ... maybe people could suggest some! It would be fantastic for high FPS and nice optics, but I'm just looking for an entry level HD camera to start with, as our college has dreadful cameras that always seem to be out on loan! 1. Canon Canon HV20 2. Panasonic HDC-SD5EG 3. Sony HDR-SR5E 40GB High Definition Thanks in advance, dpi
  4. Hi, I'm about to embark on yet another college project... shit they really are mounting up! Anyways... I need a few pointers for Kinetic Typography within After Effects... Example: YouTube Pulp Fiction Typography Thanks for reading
  5. lol. thanks Sao_Bento. but it is 'fashionable bullshit' and lecturers/clients love that shit!
  6. http://www.contagiousmagazine.com/Login.as...st%20Issue.aspx - Contagious is the world’s first publication to report on the new frontier of marketing in the digital age. Covering all aspects of the changing landscape including mobile, experiential, branded content, viral, social networking and much more, Contagious is published as a quarterly magazine and DVD. Subscribers also benefit from access to the Contagious Archive – the world’s only repository of NTM (Non-Traditional Media) campaigns located at www.contagiousmagazine.com. An annual subscription to Contagious costs £975 GBP, €1,500 Euros or $1,900 USD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no student discount ( shame on them.
  7. Hey guys, I'm at a loss.... we've been given our first 'open brief', never done one before so how do you think I should restrict my choices. Its a full on branding brief: we can brand anything arrrggh! its weird....
  8. http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/ The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Freesound focusses only on sound, not songs. This is what sets freesound apart from other splendid libraries like ccMixter. New to this site? Read the What is Freesound page to learn more! - more people that use it the more successful it'll be, you can upload your own sounds too.
  9. hi nextexit, just tried CS3 version cue... seems interesting but you cant just drop an entire folder into it, as it seems rather fussy about what files will be accepted - so it cancels what your doing, just because I had a docx (word file) within a folder it stopped. I have all the CS3 updates too. - hi Sao_Bento, just googled AE 5 CIB couldnt find what you meant... was it as in 'classroom in book' and were Belief the authors of the book? - Thankyou for replying too
  10. Hi, A weird question I guess, but Im not having much luck owning 2 macs and keeping projects synchronized - does anybody have some tips - i.e. folder organization or osx applications that would help
  11. just found this: http://toolfarm.com/phorumNew5/read.php?1,1553,1580 however if anybody has actually seen these effects used, it would be great if they could link them here :H
  12. Hi, I need a magician of sorts... what is available for me to simulate a 1950/1960s look. I'd considered projections however i think the 'missing film gate' is too much. :H always
  13. THANKS LOADS for all the replies :H *C.S.Smith *rubbersquirrel* *Self_90* & *thekinginyellow* in no particular order ;o) I'll reply again after I've had a go trying to make it In the mean time if anybody cracks it... please let me know! xxx Really, really appreciated sorry for my rubbish late reply
  14. lol. not what i was really looking for... fun however! I meant animating a drawing in a similar style to the one in the link
  15. Hi, Just how on earth do I make a plane ... similar to this? (animated in after effects) Please see the attached link: http://www.motionographermedia.com/reelfx/...eningTitles.mov I'm confused on how to have it looping in a similar way. Is it a drawing, was any 3d software used? p.s. Any similar styles of work - links - would be greatly appreciated.
  16. I'm about to make my 1st site/portfolio... even though i'm still at college i understand it'll take a while to learn certain things and get navigation working any tips would be good. is it best to work with dreamweaver + flash? thanks in advance. dpi
  17. ok I'm without a camera - for a while... I wondered if somebody would be kind enough to provide me with some nice footage of a timelapse petrol station .... ideally at night with streams of cars - stopping and starting, with the neon glow of the signage! its a lot to ask... i know! thanks loads in advance
  18. Hello, Any help would be appreciated, be it links or embedded within PDF's of - photographic films ~ ALL types I have drawn up all the digital film I need, HOWEVER the Analogue films are harder to find (all are in boxes)? - and I'm also not sure how many are out there; some examples needed are: Polaroid Slide APS Normal 35mm cartridge + true vintage formats ~ that could include plates etc (not really sure what is out there)! (Branding of film doesn't matter, but may work well; eg Kodak). Thanks in advance, Dpi :H
  19. Hi I'm working out a project and I'm seeking some inspiration... I'll be working with 2 other people, so intend to split the screen, into 3 parts... however some of the ideas I have had could make the idea of storytelling somewhat difficult... I'm looking for something based on a DVD, Soft Cinema (produced by MIT) ....... LINK HERE Thanks loads in advance :H
  20. thanking you krpdesign for hopefully the 1st of many replies. edited my 1st post to point out - just still cameras - thanks!
  21. 1. Rear Window (Hitchcock). 2. Blowup (De Palma). http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060176/ 3. City of God (Cidade de Deus).
  22. I'm doing a project and I need at least a few seconds of movies with photographers in, old movies/films are preferable ... not so much the CSI look of looking through the lens - unless you deem it artistic/unusual. More camera and person! This is quite a huge task, for me to find the duration and movie at which a photographer/camera is used... just clips I'll collect the dvd's I really just need the movie title and time! (http://www.us.imdb.com/keyword/photography/) Thanks loads in advance p.s. It'll be a different take on this (iPhone ad here):
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