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  1. take a laptop with you with your work on it. Cut a reel using the work and show them from your laptop, once your meeting has finished, you take it all home with you leaving nothing but (hopefully) a good lasting impression . When contacting prospective clients, you can tell them all the companies you've worked with and explain you have a reel, but can only show it in person (or something to that effect). I understand about NDA's, but the chances are you'll be okay. Alternatively you could work on some personal projects and use those to demonstrate your ability.
  2. Hmm interesting. With the actual meaning / message of the piece aside, I can tell that the likelihood of this being created by Bran is absolute 0. The design, animation and execution just doesn't have the nice details, compositions, use of colour and clever animation that can be seen throughout Brans work. I've no idea who did make it, but I'm guessing an average Joe, as the animation and design looks pretty dated and just isn't (no offense to them) that nice imo.
  3. some really nice work, although i have to ask about the whole 'this is not a reel' thing. Looks like a reel to me, so what makes it 'not a reel' ?
  4. Junior: $50k - $60k AD: $80 - $100K This is where it gets tricky, seen as every kid fresh out of college seems to call themselves AD's!
  5. Which city are you working in?
  6. Hiya, I think visually it looks nice, you have some great shots in there, although I find the 'glitchy' effect a bit too much at times. My main gripe would be that nothing really happens, it's just blobs of stuff and jumpy cutting. Don't get my wrong, that looks cool, but we get the idea after about 20 seconds. I think you need something more than just eye candy to capture the viewer and that's what's missing. Needs some kind of narrative or concept. This would probably work really nicely as a 30" promo piece, but after over 3 mins it's really drawn out. Hope that helps!
  7. Why don't you just not login, or just stop coming to the site?
  8. james w


    Some nice stuff on there for sure, but quite a bit of (imo) filler. I'd cut it down to about a minute and only keep the best work. For example the live action stuff with the handicapped people about 16" in is just scary and does no favours at all. Also another thing is the reel branding over kill. "At Brokendoll we animate: (.etc)". It's nice, but only once, after that it gets a bit much. We get it after the first time and don't need telling another 4 times. That's my thoughts, hope they help. As I said you guys have some nice solid work, some really lovely 3d stuff in there!
  9. I think you have some nice bits of work on you reel, I'd be tempted to cut it down to 1 min and lose some of the weaker shots though. Would make it a bit snappier too Hope that helps, and best of luck!
  10. not yet (that i know of), I think MK12 have to wait 6 weeks after the film premier before they can even talk about their involvement with the film (something crazy like that anyway)! So there should be a good version online in about a month-ish. Keep checking back with motionographer.com around that time
  11. Sorry yeah, forgot to mention your output should be primarily dictated by what you are outputting to.
  12. you are totally over complicating things. I've no idea what kind of work you are doing, but unless it's high end for cinema there's not a huge amount of point. I doubt Joe public will really appreciate the finer points of 23.98fps on a shopping mall commercial. Why don't you just stick to the standard to what your boss is used to and render at 29.97fps. For your personal website you could pre-comp and Posterize the time to 23.98 if you so wish.
  13. That's not really correct. I get sent a fair amount of showreels each day, and I also watch a fair amount of my own accord. If you want a reel to make a lasting impression or to stand out then I would suggest thinking pretty hard about the sound track accompanies your reel. It helps a lot with the kind of vibe you want to get across, and the personality of your work. Personally I found choosing a reel track extremely hard, I think it took around a year of whittling to get down to the final few, but maybe I thought a little too much about it! Try to avoid cliché's too, I've heard way too many reels with Justice and the such like!
  14. Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing well! I'm having a weird AE problem hoping somebody can shed some light on it! I recently did some spring cleaning, formatting my HD, installing the latest OS X Leopard (10.5.2)+ updates, re-install my AE CS3 and various plugins. When I load up AE you can see it loading the plugins in the loading dialogue, but when I'm in the program they various plugins aren't appearing on the effects menu! Has anyone else come across this? The machine is a 2x dual core intel, 2gb ram, 250gb hd space, nvidia geforce 7300. No idea what is causing or how to solve this one, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Hmm i've a sneaking suspicion it's because it's intel. james
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