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  1. You might want to check out sub poly displacement aswell. sub-poly displacement All of the properties can be animated. This is a really good resource for some great abstract shapes using the noise channel. Hope it helps
  2. You can always make a mask much larger than your layer, then deselect the constrain on the mask feather and just bump up the feather on the x. You just have to make sure that your mask shape is much wider than your layer tat you want to mask.
  3. Also just as a secondary comment. If you are running snow leopard you can hit space bar in the finder on your file. The preview will show the text on alpha. This is the quickest way to see if its working.
  4. Stutts, I have done alot of corpo work as side gigs to make extra cash. I find that if you stick very closely to their already branded design style, you can actually get away with alot. And you can make it somewhat fun and whimsical, although it will be dumbed down fun and whimsical. I usually use corpo jobs to learn and implement new techniques that Ive been working on, and see if I can pass it by the client. Most corporate clients love seeing things that look expensive like some nice texturing, HDRI lighting, or some dynamics. Make this job work for you aswell, its always great to be paid to learn new techniques. If the job is super boring and you have no creative input or you are getting way too many revisions, don't take another corporate job. Gotta look at them as money makers, hopefully some of them allow good creative. You should be the one dictating the creative and the style.
  5. I will totally admit that I personally use many different sources of inspiration to aid me along on my own projects. I often find beautiful works that are either in threads here or on other portals, to help keep things fresh and up to date. But those pieces of inspiration help trigger new ideas and ways of conveying the right message for the right project. I think most people do this. But i would never take somebody elses hard work and good CONCEPT and try to replicate it fully and pass it off as my own. I actually have a great example of this. I was working at a studio in Montreal for some time and a client approached us with a brief and they were already set on what they wanted to see. It was a complete rip off of a stop motion music video (execution wise), and they wanted to turn it into an Ad for insurance or something like that. We tried so hard to deter the client and the production house. But in the end they didnt care about how this might affect the music artist or the originators of the original piece. In the end they had to hire a different artist to do the piece. We passed. the poor guy who put in the hours did an excellent job, only to have it ripped apart by the media with his name attached to it. I do understand both sides of this. I know that the artists hired to do the Chinese version of Nuit Blanche, were just doing their job and probably getting some nice work for their reels in the process. I have a feeling that when this gets seen by more and more people, the Chinese version will be ripped to shreds by the media aswell. Im glad that this is generating some good interest from you guys.
  6. The original short was done by a couple of very talented friends. I can't take any credit for it. But I do agree that it is beautiful and I personally like the breakdowns in the making-of, but I guess it does leave some room for people to replicate the effects easier rather than putting the time in and figuring it out on their own.
  7. Hey guys, I don't usually do this, but it was brought to my attention today and I was wondering what you think. My good friends worked tirelessly on this for over 2 years (from concept to final execution). Most people have already seen this beautiful short film and it has won a slew of awards and praise to this point and its still running in other film festivals. I was just shown this link for a music video and was left with my jaw dropped. It is a rip from shot to shot, even with the minimal changes, like the metal fish instead of the car, and the light streaks instead of traffic. My question to you is: How can this happen without any repercussions? Its not like they used an element or two and called it their own, they used the WHOLE film as their music video. Ill let you guys have a look and let me know your thoughts. ORIGINAL Nuit Blanche Rip Off Rip off Have you guys ever seen a full on rip like this, I'd be interested to hear about others. Jamie
  8. If they have no idea what they want, you can do 2 things. The first is to sit or have a phone call with your client, and discuss what it is that they are trying to achieve with their graphics package. Ask abut the target audience and any other styles that they have liked seeing. The second is to prepare a Mood Board. Basically a series of screen grabs and other inspiring work (vids) that you are confident reproducing in a similar style. So many clients are visual people and alot of things can get messed up in translation. So its always a good start to show them some nice work and see what they are leaning towards. Don't over promise!! Dont show them highly polished 3d examples if the budget is small or you arent capable of that work. ( Im not saying that you arent capable) But set yourself some limits. It takes alot of thought and effort to create a brodcast package from scratch, especially if you have no design to work from. Once these steps are taken, you can produce thumb nails, style boards and a schedule for the deliverables. Make sure to take a cut up front. You always have to protect yourself. I totally agree with edrhine. Everything in writing and contracts contracts contracts. Ive personally had a few bad experiences from not getting the proper papers signed. I hope your package works out great. Good luck!
  9. How are you guys getting around this problem? Ive been a quicktime pro user for a long time and using quicktime x has made what used to be an easy task into something thats become a hassel to say the least. I hate how the player bar is situated on the video. You cant export images from it anymore and I dont see an upgrade to pro anywhere. Has anybody forund a good work around. Cause this blows. Thanks
  10. In my own opinion you should look at Passion Pictures, Nexus, Studio Aka, and Bermuda Shorts for great animation work. Otherwise you can look at Framestore, The Mill, MPC, and Glassworks for some great VFX work. Hope that helps.
  11. http://www.mographwiki.net/London
  12. How about these? http://ohhello.tv/index.php/work/view/microsoft_sustainability/ or
  13. Very well done. Definitely an inspiring piece. Great job!
  14. After watching the interview be sure to watch her title for Dead Man on Campus. Really nice.
  15. You could also duplicate your footage, boost the levels to make it high contrast black and white, then try to pull a luma matte from the footage. Add a matte choker to clean it up by 1 or 2 pixels then voila. This only works if your background footage is light. Otherwise you can try pulling multiple keys from your character and add some simple masks to bring back the detail.
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