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  1. You never transfer between computers do you (as in working on a team project with a dozen people)? Then you should be safe. The ONLY way to connect via eSATA on a Mac is to use a 3rd party PCIe card. Apple does not officially support it. In the case of the OP, he failed to eject the drive...and he lost his partition (I guarantee this has to do with eSATA as it's not the absolute best protocol for external storage). I've never lost a partition through FW400/800/USB2.0 when I forgot to eject a drive. Reconnecting brings everything back. So I do not understand how you can say this is simply untrue when in fact the OP "lost" his partition due to not ejecting his drive. There is no way that an OS should delete the partition table even when it is being used. Data might get corrupted, but losing a partition? Sounds like an eSATA issue to me. Very important to understand what was meant by this comment "at least with 100% conviction that it will be stable." -p
  2. I've tried many and I like Stellar Phoenix. I once quick formatted my OS drive accidentally (How do you ask? I was sleep deprived, booted off the OS DVD and accidentally formatted the wrong partition. Doh!) but I got all the data back. Remember that eSATA might work fine with Windows, but it won't with OS X (at least with 100% conviction that it will be stable). Apple does not care about eSATA so you're on your own. If I ever work off external drives, I use a RAID1 or RAID5. Right now I work off 2x1TB FW800 RAID 1 (self powered), so if one drive dies, I don't lose data. I get around 60-70MB/sec which is more than enough even for HD work. You're working with XDCAM footage and FW800 is more than enough for it. USB 2.0 is slow as hell, but manageable if you work with super compressed footage like DVCPROHD, AVC Intra, XDCAM, ProRes, etc. Also how are you sharing between PC's and Macs? Are you using some type of driver to recognize NTFS drives under OS X or something? That might be your issue. Always use HFS+ under Macs or FAT32 (4GB size limit, though)
  3. The data is still there, but you probably need to use a data recovery tool to get your data back. DO NOT plug in the drive anymore until you have software such a Phoenix Stellar running. Use USB 2.0 or FW800 instead of eSATA. http://www.stellarinfo.com/mac-data-recovery.htm I never trust eSATA for work, plus on the Mac side it's not "officially" supported. Use FW800 whenever possible, it should be more than enough.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfCD56mv2WI
  5. Good ol' Hollywood has been doing this for years and Fincher is no exception. He's a commercial director. He's not Malick. He's probably the most talented out of all the people from Propaganda Films. I enjoy good "Hollywood" films, just not excrement like Transformers, etc. The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo is not a remake, it's based off of a book. It has a $100 budget, very well known actors...so it is a "Hollywood" film. I would pay my obligatory $10 at a theater for any Fincher movie. The way I see this is that the series is very popular and the studio knows the market—so they called in Fincher, who's great at gritty crime thrillers. Shit, if I was him, I'd pick it too. Full artistic control? Sign me up.
  6. Fincher wouldn't get involved with the movie if he didn't have it his way. If you enjoyed Se7en, Fight Club, Zodiac, you'll enjoy this. He's become a very mature filmmaker.\ Social Network sucked, though.
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    Hehe, it's not that bad. Yes, they don't make a Mac version of their codec, neither did Apple for ProRes until recently (read only, mind you). Your client should have exported to PNG QuickTime or something instead.
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    Final Cut Pro X

    If anyone is thinking of moving to Windows, take a look at EDIUS 6 before you leap into AVID. There's a 30 day trial and you might dig it. http://www.grassvalley.com/products/edius_6
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    Besides the repertoire and self masturbation, you're pretty much buying the award since most of the time you have to pay for submissions for ADC, etc.,etc. I'm pretty sure it feels good to win an award, but what's the purpose? Just do good work and move on. It is good to get a bit of recognition, though, and looks good on your resume.
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    Final Cut Pro X

    David Pogue is an idiot.
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    Final Cut Pro X

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