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  1. http://facepuke.com Get a brain, morans
  2. Is it wrong for me to love my country? Didn't you see the movie Inception? Life is just a dream. America forever. Ps: I'm trying to make a soft comeback in the Motiongraphics world. Might post a reel soon, be nice to me.
  3. Rumor Brand New School closing their LA office true? What is the situation for West and East coast studios like?
  4. ZeBrownie


    M.I.A.'s new video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCuUUvlhh2c As a church going Christian like the fella below I find it irritating she wants to see them dead. I admit i don't love Gingers but they do have a soul too.
  5. ZeBrownie


    Probably not that one but Barry Soetoro's birth certificate.
  6. Fine! Good bye and no I will not return with a different account. It's against my nature and it's against what America stands for. Take care everybody
  7. The past is being used against me now! Yes i do regret sometimes the way I phrased certain things and I apologize but you can't hold it against me forever.
  8. Over my lame comments when all I did was linking to a Carlin video. In any case I am leaving already, voluntarily.
  9. By posting the Carlin clip I made a counter argument and statement. If I'm not allowed to do that then they who fight global injustice and global cooling/ warming/ change/ whatever do not accept other opinions. It has nothing to do with me being unpopular otherwise my comments few posts ago on there wouldn't have been granted either. Those who call me a troll usually do so because they don't agree with me. Anyway I already made the decision to stop using the comments there. This time for real.
  10. I don't think my comment was negative at all, do you? They seem to have removed the George Carlin link because he's right and Clint's comment is maybe a tad too controversial to be taken completely serious. Anyway as of now I promise i'm no more going to ever comment on there again. This time I mean it.
  11. Dear Mograph Community Have you seen the latest Motionographer post http://motionographer.com/2010/02/04/coalition-of-the-willing-goes-live I made the comment: "George Carlin figured it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eScDfYzMEEw" And it was removed. Talk about freedom of speech. It's pretty obvious by now that whatever doesn't fit into Justin Cone's agenda is being censored. What a bunch of hypocrites he and Simon Robson. I know I said this before but this time I promise; I'm not going to comment there ever again.
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