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  1. hella dope, keep up the awesome work. mograph should be often funny, like this
  2. this is a depressing thread. ive totally been there myself, and its crazy what shit costs the individual on some plans
  3. i think you can only do it with the move tool maybe also you need a bezier type spline
  4. i only run a MBP for now, waiting on more horsepower, does the sub poly displacement really kick up the render times? i havent tried anything much with it, but imagine its brutal to get those nice round displacements?...
  5. my bad yeah, its a good looking spot
  6. i actually think those flames were live action comped over 3d renders
  7. jablinko

    Reel of show

    dude, sick reel. feels up to date and tightly cut question- (assuming you're working in cinema4d) - how did you get the yellowy inside of that fracturing chunk to be a different mat than the black outer? that looks dope btw
  8. ahh HR people same people that if they dont know what theyre doing start off with a bad image of you just based on you knowing what mograph should pay for the various levels, which is usually more than their perfumed asses. usually its a creative director making the hiring decisions right?
  9. dang... sounds more hobby than pro then... too bad i would love to have the speed for less money, but i love the apple os and have software for mac that is still current (enough) on the up side new macs are supposed to be announced soon, but damn if that isnt a pain in the wallet. if windows 7 is as stable as advertised maybe its time to consider...
  10. hey is anyone doing well with a hackintosh home built PC running OSX? I'd love to have a render and heavy duty c4d machine running OSX, but to be able to jump in around $1500. just started thinking about this with what sounds like upcoming dual hexacore mac pros coming out soon, which is what i was thinking but those are starting to get really costly
  11. lets kill this thing and maybe make sticky thread starting with best practices for working with these bastard h264 movs, cause it is an interesting topic, but this incrnation of this tpic is total garbage
  12. what about weed... sometimes for me if i have to work late (until the thing i have to do is done,) weed helps me stay up and remain vigilant.. i know for some people it mellows them out but for me it gets me all wired. the paranoia it sometimes brings is also helpful in a way to being self-critical, which i would say seems to be lacking in the bottom end of our market
  13. jablinko

    pushing back

    so im wondering about the designers role, which i would say included some level of pushing back. coming from an editing back ground, with clients often sitting in, i felt like part of my style was to offer alternative views sometime if i felt that their idea was wrong. obviously thats a fine line and you dont have unlimited wild cards to play in terms of pushing back, but how do you guys feel its best handled also, i feel like its different if an animator is hired by an interactive agency per se, and you are the sole animator/designer on the project, in a way you are representing your discipline to people who may not know the discipline as intimately. i mean, the safest thing to do is take their comments as gospel, even if it fucks the project, but then the project ends up being fucked... so on projects you do care about, how do you not put the fridge in the bathroom when asked?
  14. ditto - you are kind of a c4d celeb, i would happily repay what ive learned from you if i lived anywhere near
  15. goebelins and supinfocom seem to be always cranking out the worlds best animated shorts, and seem to be working on XSI among other non-c4d tools if you went there, I would be jealous
  16. since we're generalizing... lets just say it, the new generation modulates between being scarily quick to pick up tricks from video copilot or other places that took us ages and super unmotivated, and lacking in the burned in work-ethic i feel is more common of people who grew up in stricter times. i would say i would expect more out out of the young though, as the orig poster commented, there are hella youngsters who seem to think its ok to put blatant rips in their reels, not to mention generally ugly ass motion graphics. after that kid tyson ibele surfaced in 04/05 or whenever with those sick ass robots playing football animations, i expected the next generation to be coming hard, but i dont know... lets just say that right now im not that scared you should see my old select summerball teams playing at the park by my house, this new generation of 15 year olds seems hella lethargic and dispassionate like someone said, i'm more scared of the china-ification of the industry than some runny nosed scrubs with their video copilot tutes. now what to do when having to hire a handful of upstarts to work at your studio, i think thats been covered. the boss needs as good or better of an eye than the guys in the trenches just for decisions like this. good luck man, seems like you've got it figured out. you just may miss the next self taught badass, but maybe if the college grads have lots of student debt, or parents that paid, they wont be as cutthroat to steal your clients as someone smart enough to figure out how to pull decent money from some stuff he learned in a year on the internet self-sufficient to have his own shop in a few years
  17. or do i acknowledge that i'm not feeling the direction and i have enough self respect that i am ok walking away from something that i think isnt working out? for some reason "swine-flu" like symptoms seems to be the least confrontational and impersonal way of getting out of this bullshit. i also got a call from a better client for a week of work, less total money, but at this point, it feels like some farcical corporate bad dream faaaaaaack!
  18. ok rephrase... how does it work when one of you doesnt like the direction a project is going in, and known it will be you as the editor/designer/make shit cool guy to make cool something that has had a bunch of bad top down decisions? I know walking away is bad news, but in the reverse it happens all the time i would guess - the shop or company says, whoops, sorry you're not the guy we're looking for, go ahead and dont bother coming back the rest of the week... i think for my sanity, its better if i dont stay around for the imminent carnage that is the botched creative on this project also - whats with art directors who dont use photoshop, dont make boards, and just pull references from fffound. im sick of fucking making half ass rip offs of something some peter-principle art director has ripped from the internet. usually i tough through it, usually coming up with something that makes everything cool, but in this case, with what theyre expecting, its going to be a disaster - i've seen this type of client before enough to know... just not sure how to handle it - tell them just how much i disagree with it, or have something come up i'm kind of fucked for taking this work
  19. this is harder to get through i totallly agree with the cheapskate factor shown in the other tacostand video, but this one feels like the kind of machine room bitch fest you hear at facilities. 'the client is always wrong' type. of all the people watching, i wonder if it will give clients a better idea or make young editors even worse listeners and more arrogant this girl seems a little bitchy. i'd hate to be a client with this girl editing
  20. so getting back to having some time to play around with the help files and my cineversity membership. what are some of the gems on cineversity? any cool free rigs or tutorials that are really great? i always find tim claphams stuff to be superb, just the way he introduces workflow tips into his tutorials really sets the bar for me. but was just curious what other people were getting out of cineversity...
  21. the RED obviously is bigger and heavier, i would assume with its image size and var. frame rate its great for vfx. has anyone heard discussions about the accuracy of tracking RED stuff?
  22. playing around with some test footage i shot today with my hv30. i do see a bit of the jello when the camera jiggles its most. i know it depends on the shot, and there is still mileage to be had just from shooting locked off and using syntheyes or another tool just to get the ground plane and focal length, but with tracking, does the mostly slight cmos jello still cause tracking to be a nightmare with these cameras?
  23. im just curious chris what you mean specifically about using the env channel for reflections? it would be cool like the TP presets to somehow have a gallery of some shots and the materials used. I feel like env and diffusion are the channels i feel least confident with how to use them well i know some of that are people's secret sauce, but it would also help raise the bar on what is being done in c4d i do have cinversity, and am trying to get through of it to understand the little details on material, but the sassi tutorials are bloody long and the examples are less than inspiring seems like in addition to "this does this" there are some useful best practices not always mentioned in those tutes like using fresnel in reflection or layered into luminance, Amb. Occ in luminance channel
  24. going with the 30 day trial of camtasia for now, i figured once people got hooked on the idea, then they could transition to the free software after that. tried the uncompressed option and it was 1 gig for about 30 seconds going a little more efficient, which of these would be a best bet for cleanliness but good size. I got the techsmith to come in and be pretty sharp at full rez in AE on my mac. here are the codec offerings: Microsoft Video 1 Intel IYUV codec Cinepak codec by radius Techsmith Screen Capture Codec Full Frames (uncompressed)
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