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  1. In the spirit of full disclosure - i work at 1741 flms - a subsidiary of Trailer Park but here's some info for you if you are interested in working as a trailer editor: Trailer houses do ocassionally work with freelancers - most of that work is done on-site due to the security issues involved when working on unrealeased feature films. This is not a full list, but these are the companies doing the majority of studio feature film trailers: Trailer Park Ant Farm Aspect Ratio Craig Murray Productions moCean Kaleidascope Ignition Creative Skip Film Cimmeron Seismic Productions Mark Woollen and Assoc. Intralink Mojo InSync Advertising Buddha Jones Create Toybox Creative BLT Flyer Entertainment Crew Creative Gas Station Zebra John Bloom Films KO Creative
  2. hey all - in the SD world there are really only 2 options for outputing 16x9: NTSC d1 widesceen - 720x486 pixel aspect ratio 1.2 or as square pixels- NTSC d1 widescreen (square pix) - 864x486 square pixels. these are the only 2 formats that post facilities will acept as SD 16x9, which is very different than anything HD. also, keep in mind that field order and interlacing can cause major headaches if you are not careful.
  3. mographer's - just got a fresh batch of limited edition 1741 films t-shirts. We had great fun designing this promo piece for our little design collective here in Hollywood and wanted to share a few with the community. http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=482890737&size=o Supplies are limited. . .so we're only gonna give away 12 - first come - first serve please email jobs@1741films.com with your name address, sex and shirt size and the all important swag code: CONDITION MIDNIGHT Enjoy.
  4. Ok, on a recent roadtrip, i noticed that the paint co. Sherwin Williams has the slogan "Cover the Earth". . .is this new. . .or have i just been asleep for too long. . .does this disturb anyone else? link to image: http://a2.vox.com/6a00cd970881874cd500d41432ac723c7f-pi
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