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  1. mcloud

    My 2007 Demo Reel

    I just used "the wiggler" function
  2. mcloud

    My 2007 Demo Reel

    Thinking about staying in Columbus and working at Leftchannel for a while. Columbus isn't as art heavy as California or NY but its affordable and I like the people here a lot. But I have to keep an open mind of course.
  3. mcloud

    My 2007 Demo Reel

    Thanks everybody These are all great suggestions. I especially agree with the second post about spreading out the work a bit better (second half is pretty much my older stuff). And yeah a lot of stuff I did while freelancing at Leftchannel. Thanks again for the constructive criticism.
  4. Hello, this is my first time on this board but I have heard good things about this website and it's community I am about to graduate from Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus OH this spring and would like to get some constructive criticism on my 2007 spring demo reel. I am open to any suggestion on the work included or even the editing of the reel. http://www.redmushroomcloud.com/footage/Andrew_2007_reel.mov Thanks
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