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  1. great flowers!!. i gonna try with images from the web cause i can't find these orange flowers this time of year. thanks for helping. best Ricardo
  2. hi there guys does anyone here have done something similar to the "National geographic's" lookalike flowers flourishing through time. The usual is stop motion. i have been asked to do it 3d (c4d). the thing is the shaders. i have been playing around with sss but no satisfying result. Can't find any good plant material libraries that can be up to the job. i send you the link to the flower requested. flower image best Ricardo
  3. viana


    yeah, the waving pattern artifacts and lighting on the tower give away instantly that is CG. And also the camera movement should be worked on. Maybe using the image of the cloudy sky on the background as environment image based light , the light would be more accurate. best Ricardo
  4. viana

    renlogik 5.0

    i like you work. i just find the singers on the music videos hilarious. "i'm the fucking man" lol i wonder why they spell the word f*** so many times The Man
  5. got it using a combination between c4d mograph cloner, multishader and random effector to pull random textures in each clone ehehe. it not really the same, but it fits its purpose. thanks guys
  6. hi guys i have been asked to do something similar. does any one here done similar stuff in c4d Mograph? cause i am getting out of ideas... ;P thanks Ric
  7. viana

    dots mania!?

    yes apple's motion the repel function which repels any other object from your primary one. it also has atractors and stuff like that.
  8. I have noticed that Houdini is now available on a mac. I've been using C4d for a while but i lack some of the dynamics stuff available on other platforms like Maya or so.. I was looking at the features that this software provides but i'm not sure about the performance on the mac since it is the first version. http://www.sidefx.com/ Does anyone here tried it or using it for professional use? what do you have to say about it? best Ricardo
  9. Trapcode Particular maybe... using velocity Zero, live for ever, using custom particles with a vector shape on a layer. Then animate the emitter. I think you should should try diferent numbers on the particle num according to the speed of the movement so that particles don't overlap. this is my guess. best Ricardo
  10. "Our 3D Animation Department that has done full features and short films that could arguably be compared to the big animation studios…" from what i've seen these guys seem to think they are the best. lol Incredible...
  11. 3dKIWI rules man... www.c4dcafe.com
  12. viana

    VH1 id's

    Hi guys, does any one here remember that Vh1 id with james patterson animation look. I thought it was his, but i guess someone was inspired by his work. A customer of mine wants to do a cell animation morph with some faces and this is a reference to him. It was a stripe colored ad that turns into VH1 Logo. thanx in advance best Ric Viana
  13. Many thanx C.Smith i was afraid of spending the money on knoll with no use.
  14. i was trying to get a look and feel similar to this video but i don't if i should invest on a knoll light factory or other out there, or if it is just brushed PSD's and a bunch of gradients animated. please advice. thanx in advance best Ricardo Viana
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