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  1. Hey guys check out my new reel and webpage. Any feedback would be great!! http://www.pr85.com Thanks, Pat
  2. Whatever they did to make this I would love to see how it was done.
  3. The fact that it takes all your images, posts, videos off of Facebook and inserts it into the video on the fly. Thats the part I can't figure out.
  4. if you guys haven't seen this yet : http://www.facebook.com/Intel?sk=app_124187200996255 Check it out! Any thoughts on how this is done?
  5. Thanks for the feed back. I have a few options to think about but mostly I'm really looking to move on to bigger and better things. The last thing I really would want to do is hurt this company since they are the first company I worked for right out of school.
  6. I would like to think Im a ethical person but I find my self working for a company who that is running 90% of its software off of illegal licence software. This really became apparent when we did upgrades for everyone in the office and installed Adobe CS4 says we cant do any updates and my boss will not buy CS5? The company makes over a million a year in sales and we only have 7 people on staff, yet the person running the company refuses to actually buy any type of software. I wanted to reach out to the people that are in the same work as me and see if they have ever been in a situation like this or any ideas on what to do. Thanks, Pat
  7. My boss is just very ignorant when it comes to this stuff. My reason of posting this question is to find some really good points on why Apple Motion sucks.
  8. LOL yea thats true but sadly the place I'm at, we would never get a job that would need Flame.
  9. Yup it dose crash after about 15- 20 mins working on something, so then I showed my boss screen shots of it crashing 3 times yesterday day and then showed him the progress I have made with in a days work and that was enough to change his mind. (which was nothing worth to look at) You guys made some very good points and I thank you u for your time. WINNER AE!! by Rear Naked Choke.... lol
  10. Saving $$$ is always the main push. Some other main things I forgot to add is how AE works so well with Ps & Ai. Importing PSD's and pasting in a mask are the 2 big time savers I use. Oh and motion paths are so much easier in AE. I also showed him how using expressions can make some really cool effects and very dynamic control to the comp, but he really didn't get it. Im working on a project right now for Discovery Education web site. We have to make 9 short documentary videos and he wants me to use only Motion. I will share my thoughts when we get done with the job, but Im putting up a fight because of my Love for AE!
  11. So my boss is trying to get me to use Motion more than AE. I played around with it and did NOT like the lack of control you have, also when you start adding a ton of images and other elements it really lags down and makes it really hard to preview your work. (My computer is a mac pro with 2x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon with 9 GB of RAM.) So it should handle it pretty well. I would love to get other peoples opinion on this. Thanks!
  12. Man THANK YOU....my Boss thought I was doing something wrong but I knew I wasn't. And thanks for everyone helping out
  13. Thanks that dose help, I'm still baffled on why quicktime see it as 1024 x 480? its not HD....
  14. Can someone help me understand why my footage that was shot with the HVX-200 at DVCPRO50 Widescreen, shows up in aftereffects and quick time at 1024x480? When I set up my aftereffects comp I use the preset NTSC DV Widescreen, but when I move my footage to the timeline I have to scale the width to fit the window. But when I render it and move back to FCP the footage looks fine, but why would I have to scale it in aftereffects? and why dose the footage show up in quicktime as 1024x480? By the way all the footage is being imported by the P2card in FCP.
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