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  1. am I the only one thats had this happen on a professional level?
  2. Ok so I ran into an issue the other day and looking for help or your suggestions. What are your processes to proofreading your work in all aspects, typos and everything else. Is it just me but after working on a project for weeks my eyes seem to be so used to the content there that I missed a typo and had to re-dub my spot. Anyone else had these nightmares and what's some tips on proofing your work.
  3. You've got some great pieces there, good color and motion. I didn't care for the music much, and also felt the cut was weak, and could use some work, The pacing just didn't feel right to me.
  4. Those using Maya to create your 3d elements, when you're finished animating in maya what process do you use to get it into after effects? Do you make the background green and key it out in After Effects? Curious on the best way to render animations and elements from maya to use in AE -M
  5. Anyone here done any work for any NBA teams, looking for motion graphic people mostly. Cheers, -Matt
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