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  1. You'll probably have it down to a science. Unfortunately, not till after the fact. Don't name things the same name. Make your folders and comps end in A and your partner's end in B.
  2. Yeah, I've worked local news and it wasn't that bad because the standards were low. the down side is that it took a year to get my reel back in shape to work again. This place has very high standards long hours and a lot of week-end work with no extra pay for the OT. Plus if you work a week-end and then miss a day of work because of fatigue, they dock your pay. I'm out of here.
  3. Fast turnaround and hi quality expected on design and animation I'm just curious what everyone else is doing. I'm on my 3rd this week, my eyes are going and I'm about to bolt. Am I too weak for this industry?
  4. bart


    Thanks to Kaiser, I have a permanent shoulder disability. I could not get in to see a specialist for weeks. By this time, he said the only alternative would be an operation. I then paid to see as holistic specialist who prescribed physical therapy. One session improved the shoulder dramatically, but Kaiser would not pay for it, and would not authorize more physical therapy. It was either a risky operation or nothing.
  5. bart


    The average American is so accustomed to rape by our for-profit corporate healthcare system that we're below some of the most impoverished nations in the world. The middle class here is now an undeveloped nation busting our asses so a few fucking filthy rich CEOs can get even richer. If you don't think so, wait till you acquire an expensive cancer. When's the last time you had a 40 hour work week? http://www.michaelmoore.com/
  6. bart


    it's unbelievable. You have to see it. I'm moving to France.
  7. Combustion has drop dead awesome controls for qualities. Even the brush adjustments.
  8. AE has just about abandoned compositers. They've gotten behind on masks, motion, 3d camera and about 2 dozen other things. If they start working on a nodes program that will be it before anything else gets attention, so I hope you're right.
  9. I am truly sorry. I thought this was a motion graphics forum, and we were talking about nodes suitability for heavy motion graphics design. The whole wide world . . . Wow! I wonder why those stupid mograph artists still use after effects. A top composting firm in our little town works exclusively in Shake. I'll inform them that they don't know what they're doing.
  10. That's interesting because all of the nodes motion graphics programs were beaten out by after effects years ago. There was Avid Media Illusion, there was something called Fusion or whatever. Now, there is SHAKE, a terrific program used by composters, but not motion graphics artists who work in after effects because it is a better, although less flashy, way to get the job done.
  11. As much fun as I have with node trees, it is not feasible when working with hundreds of layers and precomps. You have a tangled gob. The After Effects people stopped listening to their user base. Apparently they take direction from Adobe marketing strategists. In CGI, that direction has always meant the kiss of death. I think that the program reached its peak in 6.5 and is on the cusp of a tailspin. I predicted the demise of EI with the appearance of "Coach". Any geriatrics remember that character?
  12. Nice work, Leland! Your graphics style is excellent. I'd work on honing the motion skills.
  13. bart

    Comment please

    nice design. you ran that type effect into the ground tho.
  14. You did nothing wrong. They're lucky you didn't hire a hit man.
  15. I recommend Boris BCC filters, and all of the Trapcode filters. They're the only 2 companies that upgrade their filters on an ongoing basis. Composite Wizard is a great one too.
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