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  1. Cool thanks for all of those! the master plan one is probably closest to what I'm going on about…cheers
  2. I'm guessing the mk12 one came first
  3. Thanks for that! I should have said that I meant it to be predominantly non-typographic. Stumbled upon that mk12 machismo vid too, not sure if that was done before or after the infamous pulp fiction one, but yeah, I totally agree that it's been over done. Looking for more illustration/graphics examples of the same kind of thing (which to honest, is little overdone too).
  4. I'm doing some reseach for a project, I'm looking for the kind of animation where everything you see is wittily timed to a voiceover, example of this kind of thing here: http://www.freefarm.co.uk/freefarm.php?project_id=48 …ideally with quite a nice graphic style. I've seen so much of this kind of thing but it seems to be really hard to find, maybe because a lot of the time it's internal work. Thanks!
  5. Depends what you mean by chop?
  6. Nice! Thanks for that, always wondered whether this work was one guy or not.
  7. This isn't strictly motion work at the moment, been givin a brief to design a record sleeve in one colour, and that's pretty much it. Been trying to find some nice graphic design work which is black and white/grayscale and preferrably vector based as opposed to anything realistic or photographic. I know this is ridiculously broad but any examples of nice work that you know of would be a great help! Thanks.
  8. Just getting started in motion? Errrrrrr really? Looks pretty nice, you have the whole fluid, one long piece thing working well with the transitions between each little scene, and the jazz flying out of the boxes. The design of it is definitely just right for the audience you're looking at, and the it holds the attention well in terms of length, amount of text, content and everything. Can I ask what software you're using? One thing I'd say is that you could probably push the movement of the objects/camera a little bit more. With cut-out style things like this you can get away with things moving around in kind of a crude, playful way, as if they're sort of stuck to sticks that people are moving with their hands. You also have the 3Dness of it which could look nice with a lot of really smoothed, eased movement. At the moment it's kind of halfway between the two. Apart from that one thing I'd say it's pretty spot on, I'm sure you got a good mark!
  9. Hey thanks for all your feedback! I'm amazed at the standard of work that people put up here. To answer some of your questions, all of the projects in my reel apart from three or four are my own, in terms of the design and animation. The others are projects where I've just handled the animation side of things working from someone elses storyboard or concept. I agree that it runs a bit slow and I've milked it in a few places trying to get as much time out of each clip as possible, this is mainly because I signed up to an agency which requested a 6 to 8 minute reel, which just wasn't going to happen!
  10. Some work from my first year in industry… http://www.lsmmd.com/files/showreel.mov
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