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  1. Looks like PS with an Aqua skin. I don't think this is worth spending any time on if you already got a license for Photoshop. The plagiarism is just shameless.
  2. That's great news. I wasn't even aware this was even possible. Wait until I switch all my shortcuts to something else and then a co-worker trys to work in my ae. That will teach them to use my mac ;-)
  3. I also like this piece very much because grabs me on a very emotional level and the visuals are just stunning. It also makes me very sad, that in day to day work I'm never given the oportunity to take part in such a beautiful film. It's always the same worthless junk the clients come up with. *sigh*
  4. Boy, that was really turning into some work. Hope they now improve AE to my liking so it wasn't all for the gutter...
  5. Digital Production Magazine featured this plug in the last issue. Did anyone manage to get it to work proper in R10. With some primitives it works with some it don't (A plain cube gets very unevenly shaded faces). Some more development and this might actually be useful.
  6. Goodie! Hope it will be a learning experience for me even w/o attending the workshop. *edit* Oh snap! This rabbit is just brilliant. Makes me wanna get into rigging some more.
  7. You people are getting me in trouble at work here. Im laughing so f...ing hard ..... :-)
  8. Like I said, I've already seen the new GUI and it is everything I whished for. It's In a nice Discreet style grey with re-worked icons (Even though I think the grey scheme was present before). The real news is, that the screen is now tilable so you can have some stationary elements like the viewer or scripting editor in a fixed place. Wasn't too crazy about the splash screen (cheap 3d Nuke logo) but who except me cares about that stuff anyways :-) Too bad that I couldn't snap some screens with my digital camera, but I was afraid that they'd get mad.
  9. I totally get your angle, but the thing is that these kind of requests pop up on the forum quite often. Maybe thats why everybody is getting so worked up on it. As far as I'm concerned this is the kind of job I would have jumped on when I was a nobody. Now I'm still a nobody but at least I'm getting payed for it :-) I think the problem is that everybody making a living doing animated graphics has very limited time to do fun projects that don't pay where on the other hand someone who's not doing this professionally might not be good enough for the task. Still I can't blame you for asking but from my experience mograph forum isn't the best place to make these kind of requests.
  10. I was at the IBC in Amsterdam this weekend and I had the pleasure of getting a personal demonstration with one of the programmers of Nuke. He showed me the general workflow in 4.7 and I got a peek at the new version 5 GUI. I have to say the new look and layout are just what the program needs to become more appealing to the former shake users. In 5 they will also swith the scripting language to Python and eventually go from binary project files to scripts (Shake stylee). I also have to say that the guy was pretty honest about Nukes lack of proper roto tools and tracker, but they are on the case. After all it has been only six month scince Nuke was accuired by the foundry and DD was apperantly using some different packages for that task. For 3500 euros (I think) you get version 4.7 and all of the updates within one year, which is pretty reasonable I think. All in all I think that Nuke is really something that everyone in the bussiness should look out for.
  11. i'm buying the hp just now. i don't know if it's any good, but their snappy campaign has intrigued me. it's just so personal ;-) the 3d guys here at my workingplace are pretty satisfied w/ their syncmasters as far as i can tell. you can also tilt them 90 degrees in case you want to read an ebook and use as much space on your screen as possible.
  12. I live in Hamburg and I might go tonight. Not sure though, because I'm out of town for the weekend and still have to pack some stuff. Sehsucht is great! I was an interning there for eight month and they pretty much transformed me from an ambitious amateur into a pro. I owe them. I also digg the Bitfilm trailer, though I like some of their older stuff better.
  13. I think I get your angle and I did stuff like that in the past. The difference is that it was always friends of mine that I helped out so I had an emotional connection that got me motivated. In your case, not knowing the people the job is done for and the only outlook being a bit for the reel is pretty weak. I mean think about it, if the band is making it big after they showcase their kick-ass video they'll make money out of it and the guy who spent month working on the motion graphics is gonna feel pretty stupid. Chris said pretty much all there is to say about this. It is a service and the service will cost you. Sure, the price is up for discussion, but for free is not gonna happen.
  14. It's beautiful. What a fine work of art. :-)
  15. What's BBC lighting? Never heared of it but I might give it a try. For some reason clients are always big on lens flares. It's their second favourite after the white-void-reflective-floor-product-display (and of course transformer effects of all kinds).
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