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  1. Does anyone have an idea on how these characters were created? http://www.ispot.tv/ad/74YY/payless-shoe-source-ready-for-the-playground It looks like something that could be achieved with Sketch & Toon. That being said, how do you think the characters were modeled in 3D? Just simple low poly base models with a simple rig? Also, how were the facial features done? An animated texture done in After Effects and projected on to the face? I need to create a similar look and had a few ideas about how the characters were achieved, but was wondering if I'm missing anything and how to go about it in the simplest way possible. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  2. Found the issue. Turns out every device that was dropping audio only had mono sound/speaker. Had to go into Premiere and push all audio recorded on set out of the right channel. Right click stereo audio clip, goto audio channels, click on the 'left' drop down and switch to 'right'. To test if it will play correctly, bring into Audition and convert it to mono.
  3. I shot and edited a video with Premiere. Some of the audio was recorded on set into a DSLR, other portions in a studio. The video and audio play fine in Quicktime and in Premiere. The problem I'm experiencing is that the audio recorded on set is dropping out of the YouTube video on certain devices and browsers. Has anyone here experienced this problem?
  4. I just did it the lame way. I key framed the rotation of the streamer particle and used 'palignment' to get it to face the correct direction. If anybody ever figures out how to do both in xpresso, please let me know.
  5. i'm trying to get a confetti streamer (basically a helix) to rotate on it's y-axis and also travel along the direction it's being emitted. the problem: i can get the confetti streamer to rotate on it's y-axis with the 'pspin' node, but when i add a 'palignment' node, with the type set to 'direction of travel', c4d kills the sweet sweet rotation i had before. any ideas on how i can get the streamers to rotate on it's own axis properly and travel along that same axis is as it's being emitted?
  6. the place i work makes interactive ipad apps. some of the apps have videos embedded in them (3d charts, 3d animations) that look like they are part of the layout (they don't have any player window surrounding them, you can just tap the chart and the video plays). all of these videos were created for the resolution of the ipad and ipad2. we are now converting them for the ipad3. my question. do i have to do anything to the videos for them to play at higher resolution? double the size of the videos? i know video is only 72dpi so it's kind of a dumb question. any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Do work from home/remotely motion graphics jobs exist? It seems like most of the jobs I see online ask you to be local or relocate.
  8. Does anyone know of a way to turn off anti-alias for certain objects? I have imported a few Fireworks PNGs into my C4D project and when I render it out, the PNGs look soft or blurry. I've had this same problem in After Effects before and the only way to correct it was to turn off the anti-alias on the Fireworks PNGs in After Effects. Any ideas?
  9. Is there a way to adjust the space/distance between clones on a spline? I feel like there is an effector to do exactly this, but I've tried them all and found nothing. Any ideas?
  10. I am currently writing a script that creates an Xpresso tag on a Cube, and then creates a node, of the Cube, on the Xpresso graph view. I would like to access the Object Properties > Size.Y port. I can get to this point, but whenever I create the Cube node with Size.Y port the node turns yellow. I'm not sure why it does this exactly. When I try to create the setup manually everything works fine. Can anyone here give me some advice? Here is my code. import c4d def main(): null = c4d.BaseObject(c4d.Onull) doc.InsertObject(null) cube = c4d.BaseObject(c4d.Ocube) doc.InsertObject(cube,null) xtag = c4d.BaseTag(c4d.Texpresso) null.InsertTag(xtag) nodemaster = xtag.GetNodeMaster() print nodemaster.GetOwner().GetName() node1 = nodemaster.CreateNode(nodemaster.GetRoot(),c4d.ID_OPERATOR_OBJECT,None,100,100) node1[c4d.GV_OBJECT_OBJECT_ID] = cube node2 = nodemaster.CreateNode(nodemaster.GetRoot(),c4d.ID_OPERATOR_OBJECT,None,300,100) node2[c4d.GV_OBJECT_OBJECT_ID] = cube node1out = node1.AddPort(c4d.GV_PORT_OUTPUT, (c4d.PRIM_CUBE_LEN, c4d.VECTOR_Y)) print node1.GetOperatorContainer()[c4d.GV_OBJECT_OBJECT_ID].GetName() node2in = node2.AddPort(c4d.GV_PORT_INPUT, (c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_REL_POSITION, c4d.VECTOR_Y)) print node2.GetOperatorContainer()[c4d.GV_OBJECT_OBJECT_ID].GetName() c4d.modules.graphview.RedrawMaster(nodemaster) node1out.Connect(node2in) c4d.EventAdd() if __name__=='__main__': main()
  11. Cool. Good to know that the Macbook Pro can handle 3D and AE renders. That's my bread and butter, but I wouldn't say the stuff I do, or at least have done, is super complex. I like the mobility of the Macbook Pro, but I guess I'm concerned it won't have the horsepower for some future project. I would also be worried with an iMac due to the expandability problems in the future. I thought about a Mac Pro, but the money and the over kill are also a problem. I guess that's the trick though, finding the balance between too much and too little. Has anyone here purchased the latest Macbook Pro? If so, can you compare it to the past generations in regards to speed?
  12. I'm considering purchasing a Macbook Pro. I wanted to hear from people that use only a Macbook Pro for their freelance motion graphic and 3D work. Are you able to accomplish everything you need to do? Do you regret the purchase and would rather have an iMac or Mac Pro? Did you purchase an external monitor? Any pros and cons you can think of. Thanks.
  13. new question. to achieve the look of the graph above, i used a spline and an extrude nurbs. i also animated the spline points to change the shape of the graph over time. it works perfectly, however, i want to convert spline and extrude nurbs into a editable object so i can texture it, but i also want to keep the animation. i've tried baking the animation, but it doesn't seem to work. any ideas?
  14. the gentleman's perspective is a sophisticated, yet daring look at an objects geometry. ;P it's also one of the options below the isometric stuff. thanks, nog.
  15. Originally I just wanted to extrude in Z-space. I then wanted to adjust the camera's perspective to achieve the look of the graph. I followed eliss' advice and just used extrude nurbs in both Z and X space. I left the camera in the gentlemen perspective.
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