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    motiongraphics designer/one kid/living in beijing/love sushi/want to live besides the sea/lead a musical project called DrQ/
  1. fabrega

    wiggle help

    Hey many thanks, mshadis... regards
  2. fabrega

    wiggle help

    Hi everyone i´m working on a animation proyect, mixing stop motion and 3d. Mainly improving composition between the two techniques... In certain shots, camera looks so tight, so i apply some expression wiggle on camera position...as it is hand held... wiggle(.5,60) looks fine, but...i want to take rid of the z movement, so as if camera moves only in x and y... is there any way to control this?...any ideas?... thanks in advance f.
  3. fabrega

    "Forever, Never Tired" & "Alphabloks"

    Great job!... Congrats!...
  4. fabrega


    "here's some things I've done, watch them in a row" rather than "here's the embodiment of my work, watch it as a whole." ...yeah...well...it´s like that somehow...you´re right... for the embodiment of my work, to watch it as a whole, i have a different tool..: http://web.me.com/fcofabrega/iWeb/site/MOTION%204.html
  5. fabrega


    Thanks, Saint... taking notes...always good to read anything that may improve my work... thanks for your time
  6. fabrega


    Hey, thanks... appreciate your comments...i´ll take notes on what you said... maybe there´s definitely something going on with the soundtrack, that i didn´t notice...or i´m not considering... hmmm... thanks again.. f.
  7. fabrega


    Hi there... ...back,after a six month period at Beijing, i´m releasing this new selection of works...please feel free to comment... http://web.me.com/fcofabrega/iWeb/site/REEL%203.html thanks f.
  8. fabrega

    Avatar Picture (not the movie)

    same problem for ages... thanks a lot!...
  9. fabrega

    Jobs in China?

    http://www.power-graphixx.com/mt/ http://www.tgbdesign.com/ this is a very good site with more info in japan.. http://www.04.jp.org/ cheers! f.
  10. fabrega

    Jobs in China?

    could you guys see it working to have a kick ass mograph company style site (not just personal site looking) and go and try to get contracts,or is it seeming to be a FT job type of deal mostly over there? easier and fluent if you get a contract...definitely... in my case, as i said, it was a long agreement deal via phone calls, mails, skype calls, etc... but i see it (FT) as a good platform for next steps... language is not a barrier, at least at my job, since (almost) everyone speaks english...but it helps to learn, to improve communication with clients and team... also, would it be hard to go into another country doing that? to get a visa you have to be sponsored as an 'employee'? in my case, i got a visa sponsored as an employee...that helps a lot... ...but i would imagine with the right reel/site that wouldnt be a problem. almost a help to have outsiders bringing their influences yes, you´re right... asia is crazy. would be an interesting (good/bad) experience for anyone asia is the future...would be definitely a great experience for anyone good luck in your quest f.
  11. fabrega

    Jobs in China?

    I relocated to Beijing, two months ago, after a long negotiation with a big Chinese media agency...the goal is improve their motion Dept, to achieve better results in a wide range of media. Experience has been good...mograph is in its firsts steps, at least from my point of view, here in Beijing. I know there´s more movement, experience and motion shops and studios in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea, but still is an unexplored field to challenge yourself...i don´t know of specific sites for jobs like the one posted above...This is a whole new world to explore and they need people with experience to advance fast in this new area...the thing is ...dare to being here and get the right contacts...the rest is up to you.
  12. fabrega

    Ectoplasm effect?

    ectoplasmy blob effect, with in AE....anyone have any luck with these, or know any good tutorials? http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorial/energy/
  13. fabrega

    new minireel

    thanks,edrhine...i´ll give it a try...
  14. fabrega

    new minireel

    hi there long time without showing my latest work..time has come... feedback is highly appreciated... minireel: http://web.mac.com/fcofabrega/iWeb/site/REEL%202.html thanks!