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  1. I have the stuff you need, if the quality doesn't matter, got some old german riot documenteries in digital format from an arty project, I did years ago. (...actual quality is a little bit better). Policeman in green suits, rocks flying into shop windows, burning cars, crowds! I'm not sure about the legal point though.I can dig up the stuff from the archives if I can help you out - just contact me directly.
  2. The limit for a 32 bit OS is 4 GB and with those installed you only get around 3,5 gb available for programs. RAM is very cheap right now, if they are willing to license and install a 64bit OS (vista?), go and recommend those 8 gigs.
  3. Seen one of those on Discovery Channel last night, I think they are brilliantly educating and worth sharing HOW TO DESTROY THE WORLD 'rubbish' HOW TO DESTROY THE WORLD 'transport' HOW TO DESTROY THE WORLD 'computer games' HOW TO DESTROY THE WORLD 'food' Created and written by Steven Appleby and Pete Bishop
  4. Tomber


    can't find a reference who made it, but found animations with those mascots : http://www.brianyerkes.com/uefa-euro-2008-identity/ http://www.kaktusfilm.com/main.asp On their blog you find a mograph piece with the characters from that book for the bbc euro intros, along with a making of, sweet. Great games, the russian really did a nice job and I'm quite sure that the turks will lose with so many injured and banned players (9?). I'm going to a bigger city in Germany tomorrow to enjoy a nice match outside with some thousand supporters, regardless of who wins (~2,6 milion turks in germany) it will hopefully be a big party
  5. If I prepare video presentations played on a unknown laptop, I usally prefer to render it out in 800x600 or 1024x768 (set resolution on laptop accordingly) and put a copy of vlc player for win and mac on that usb stick. As far as I know Quicktime (without Pro) doesn't have a fullscreen option on windows.
  6. Tomber


    haha tada, germany vs holland as promised It was a fantastic game to watch! Great gameplay on both sides, but the germans were way more solid
  7. just want to mention http://pumpaudio.com/ again, although it is not royalty free. I recently found some really nice songs for a documentary about tibet there, no chance to find something rare like this on other sites. But it is license based: For most small uses, like web, festival film or dvds its around 99$ each, IMHO reasonable. TV commercials start at 250$ for one channel and you have to contact them for higher licensing models.
  8. Tomber


    italy - france => ribbery out => 25. minute abidal red card in the penality area => penality kick 1:0 => italy with 10 players => france lost 2:0 Italy didn't make such a boost IMO and have 8 yellow cards they take to the quarters. My guess is they loose against Spain. For the rest of the tournament I just relax and enjoy, keeping my fingers crossed for the Germans and Dutch Oh and by the way, germans coach Joachim Löw is still banned from the touchline for the quarters and is not even allowed to make contact during halftime - mean.
  9. North Lake Wines has introduced a California wine brand called Smashed Grapes, whose mission is to make premium wine fun and accessible to 25-to-34-year-old wine drinkers.
  10. Tomber


    Decisions are made after germany is kicked out The dutch game was indeed pure golden gameplay! Would love to see germany-holland finals though (just for the cultural curiosity) I had tears in my eyes, after the czech team lost this exciting match today Where was that penalty kick...
  11. Tomber


    Nobody saw greece winning 4 years ago I would bet on my beloved czechs (what a fun game vs portugal to watch! later that day the swiss vs turkey was all rainy, agressive game, very balanced, nice) - looks bad but I still keep my fingers crossed voor my homies, the dutch and some of my ancestors from germany I have a 2 euro bet running on spain-german finals... Missed only 4 games so far, but damn, can't get my work done, too much beer, no food, less sleep and even less time to check mogrpah (I don't want to write game match comments on the internet, you are seducing me!). Confusing and emotional times 3 1/2 hours to go...
  12. http://www.w3.org/TR/PNG-Rationale.html#R....ultiplied-alpha case closed
  13. is how you win a dutch rap music video contest
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