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  1. Hey Trenz, Well, main reason is my fiance is residing there and studying too. So there's not much of a choice for me. But there's also some neat studios I wish, would even give me a chance to work for them. I was eyeing EYEBALL, Belief, MK12, Umeric.....most of the big guns...but even new establishments like Greentowel would be great. where are you working now?
  2. Wow! I love your style! I gotta get a chance to tune into this show on youtube. :H :H :H deb
  3. :H haha didn't realise that Govinda is a fellow Malaysian? I visited NYC for 2 wks and already got sick and tired of the food and missing laksa and nasi lemak. I can live without belacan. Thanks again for the awesome insights! I'm prepping my own personal arsenal and psyching myself to work with new yorkers.
  4. Thank you Govinda and mete_shop too for the insight. Yeah, I really need a proper site up. I really need all this info before heading to the States. I'm currently residing in Kuala Lumpur and have done some tvcs for Dubai, Jakarta, Thailand and Singapore. Did work on projects in Singapore too but the States is a totally different ball field, isn't it? Malaysian designers is still raw and most mographers don't require 3D skills. So i noticed mographers here all have 3D background. Hence i'm taking some night classes to pick it up. Lots of learning to be done and fast! Coz' I aim to work in the states in 2009 or 2010. Thanks again everyone!
  5. Thank you to Trenz and Silatix for the insight on American demands. Really helps me alot! Hope to get a job soon in NYC!!! deb
  6. Hi TrenZ, Thanks for the tips. I feel much better, coz' I thought I wasn't even good enough to be in the NYC league. Is it a good idea if I decide to just pick on sketchup, zbrush and focusing on my after effects instead of picking up 3D?
  7. :H HI silatix, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately i haven't gotten a proper portfolio site up yet. I know i gotta get something done. Just managed to blog my work up. THanks for the tips. I'll try to pick up C4D instead of studio max. Is it a safe choice if i only decide to focus on zbrush and improving my motion graphics without having to pick up any 3D softwares?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a job as motion graphics designer in New York. I'm currently in the process of learning Sketchup, zbrush and 3D studio max but that has just begun. So no 3D skills at the moment. Anyone would like to comment about my work please do so too. http://www.d3brak.blogspot.com :H Deb :H
  9. wow. Thanks Snakedogman. That gives me a little heads up and a boost. cheers!
  10. G'day everyone, My name is Debra and I reside in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My apologies as I haven't got a website up and running yet. I hope to kickstart one a.s.a.p. I plan to further upgrade my skills and hope to get a job in New York. I plan on making a trip there in Oct for a week if anyone would like to contact me for an interview. I do have some stills and snapshots of board designs on my blog and I got a couple of DVDs of my reel if anyone would care to have a look. I'll mail it out straightaway. http://d3brak.blogspot.com Attached is my resume. Thanks for your time. Name: Debra Khoo Li Kim Date of Birth: 19th July 1980 Softwares : Adobe After Effects, Photoshop & Illustrator. Just started to fiddle with 3D studio max and very little Lightwave. Languages : English & Malay Contact: + (mobile) debrakhoo@yahoo.co.uk (personal email) Snail mail: 6, Jalan 13/6, Petaling Jaya, 46200, Selangor, Malaysia. Work experience: 3 1/2 years with VHQPost (M) Sdn Bhd - www.vhqpost.com - as motion graphics designer 2 years with Asia-Pacific Videolab - www.apv.com.my - as senior motion graphics designer Awards: Year : 2004 9th MALAYSIAN VIDEO AWARDS BEST MOTION GRAPHICS, SILVER CELCOM INPLAY "FOOTBALL MADNESS" FILM DIRECTOR, ANTHONY WONG -M&C SAATCHI What I am looking for : A place where i can enhance my animation skills as well as develope my 3D.
  11. http://www.illustrationmundo.com/100.php?date_sort=random I love this site. Always good to see what the others are doing. http://d3brak.blogspot.com debrakhoo@yahoo.co.uk
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