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  1. Tiger


    Moscow in slow mo
  2. I'm not a fan (other than Thriller I couldn't care less about his music) but I do think that everything that he did or is said to have done is a direct result of being abused, exploited, scrutinized and ridiculed from the day he was born.... he never stood a chance at being remotely normal. After a lifetime as the world's laughingstock I hope that he finally gets some peace.. Actually, it's interesting that we let people get to this freakish monstrous state, if it was outside the American entertainment industry he would have probably received some kind of help or been committed but instead the chaos is fostered to produce more fodder for us to revel in... it's sad but he's not the first and he certainly wont be the last causality of American media...
  3. Sao has spoken......... I stand corrected. Thanks for the lively open debate... it was a blast..... Govinda, change that vote count to 1 of 22 posts fault the victims, Saos articulate rebuttal has convinced me. Now lets get back to the good old status quo ante.
  4. Some of you may know these people and I certainly don't want to be a troll as I think the sentence is damn harsh but “If you play with fire you should expect to get burnt” and these girls sure as hell knew what they were playing with.... everyone knows North Korea is an angry, dangerous little dog. It's also worth considering (for balance) that It could have been worse. They could have tried to illegally cross the border between Mexico and the US and perhaps received a “life” sentence from a US border patrol officer..... Incidents of Border Patrol use of force If I was a US tax payer I'd also be a little pissed off at the expense it's gonna cost the country (monetarily and politically) to get those two out of there..... It's worth thinking about....
  5. Tiger

    Kanye West

    Self confidence is fine, but when it evolves into blind confidence or egotism it just becomes plain ugly.
  6. Thanks for your quick reply, yeah I tried the spherical field but the problem with that little tacker is that it pinches the lines in a very unsexy kinda way and if the line exceed the diameter of the sphere they skew off in crazy directions. also it doesn't give the wrap effect you'd expect..... thanks tho
  7. Hey guys, I have just been given a layout that uses this animated wire ribbon effect and thought that Form would be the easiest way to produce it. This is the first time I've used form for a job and am learning it as I go. This is what it should look like (note the way the ribbon is much more dynamicly smooth and how the middle section tucks around the center object This is the current state of the Flux experiment in after effects. For the life of me, I can't seem to get form to distort in the center like it should. the two ends of the 'ribbon' should 'wave' freely like a flag blowing gently in the wind and the center should stay relatively still (moving just slightly) and tuck behind the center object a little. I have used a combination of 'quick maps', layer maps, fractal fields, spherical field, distort and twist to get it to this state....but they all seem to have very little control.... Does anyone have any advice? Can I do this with form, or should I stop kicking a dead horse and do it with bezier curves or cinema 4D? Thanks for your help, M
  8. Tiger

    Last Splash

    Wow Jaan thanks a lot for your advice.............although you kinda scared me a little bit with the enormity of it all. Without something like realflow and a budget to buy stock footage I thought that this was the only way to go....anyway I'm gonna give it a try....and see what I can come up with Thanks again
  9. Hey guys, I have to make a big splash.......literally and figuratively. I have animated a lemon being dropped into water from a static side on view and I want to make the splash, as it hits the water, as real as possible, I'm only really interested in the splash that occurs above the water line. I've decided to film the splash and was wondering if you guys could give me any advice before I start shooting. A splash into clear water only consists of highlights and shadows so what colour background should I shoot against, white or green to produce footage that can be keyed...as I need an alpha channel?. Also what specific things should I be aware of in respects to lighting etc Any help advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. O.K so I've been trying to understand how I can use 32bit in an actual project (None of the video I do is intended for film and the majority of my work is intended for the web) and after reading all the links below I still don't have any idea how or what it's good for. Anyway I thought I would post the links here for those of you with higher I.Qs than I. Andrew Kramer's 32bit HDRI video tutorial Stu Maschwitz: Linear Color Workflow in AE 7 series: Linear Color Workflow in AE7, Part 1 & Part 1a Linear Color Workflow in AE7, Part 2 Linear Color Workflow in AE7, Part 3 Linear Color Workflow in AE7, Part 4 Linear Color Workflow in AE7, Part 5 Linear Color Workflow in AE7, Part 6
  11. Tiger

    CMYK look

    That's what RVA8 proposed above and what I already knew, I was just wondering if it was possible to recreate it in AE. Looks like it's the only way...thanks for your replies guys.
  12. Tiger

    CMYK look

    The way you describe it (Hue, Saturation etc) sounds easy and logical but in practice wont work, as you can see from the way CMYK works in the example above. The Y channel in the above example has no information in the mountainous areas. If I just colorized the footage 'Y' it would just put a wash of yellow colour over the entire image not actually removing the information in the footage that doesn't contain yellow. Thanks anyway I think RVA8 is right, the only way to do it is with photoshop, which is the obvious route but I was wondering if there was a way to do it in AE.
  13. Tiger

    CMYK look

    Hey do you guys have any idea how I would go about splitting up my video into the 4 print colours CMYK so that I can get a real off set print look...do you get what Im saying? Thanks
  14. Land of the free and the home of the brave:
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