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  1. i emptied the disk and conformed media cache, then changed the disk cache folder to a temp folder then back again. it seems to have fixed the problem for now. again, the error was whenever there was a frame that was completely transparent my comp window would show a frame from a previous project. i guess it was just stuck in file limbo like aromakat suggested. thanks guys!
  2. v12.2.1 clearing the ram and cache fixes the problem temporarily.
  3. Hi guys. I'm having an issue and not sure what is causing it. i can be animating something in After Effects and for some reason it will show me frames from previous projects usually on the very last frame of the comp but now i'm seeing it randomly throughout the composition. it will even include them in rendered files. if anyone has any experience with this or can help please do!!!
  4. yes, that's what it does. so, you'd have to model it no matter what! you can do it. don't give up.
  5. Does anyone have any info on how to set up a network render for Maxwell on a Mac? We are using Cinema4d and can't seem to get the Maxwell network render to work. Anyone with experience on this workflow who can help out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jason
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aZNJAqVin4 for this i actually wrote out the logo maybe 4 to 8 times then scanned it all in and sequenced it in AE. imo it looks a lot better than just adding turbulence on a font.
  7. along the same lines, would your outcome resemble one of those color tests? i'd like to know how to make those.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72RqpItxd8M
  9. nice. i was wondering when that fancy dual exposure look was going to be integrated into video/mograph. the juxtaposition combinations are limitless.
  10. what's up with nitrobake? i don't know. http://nitro4d.com/blog/donationware/nitrobake/ it bakes everything.
  11. i like it but thought it was kind of slow. can you just embed the video here so people don't have to leave the forum? that might be why you're not getting any feedback.
  12. that looks nice. good job. you could use the knife to add isoparms to sharpen the corners up a bit. there's a command called "slide" that allows you to slide the points around along the geometry so you don't distort the surface. check out envy interior tutorial (specifically the couch model) as well as shane benson's tuts: Shane Benson
  13. i like to make a folder on my desktop and downloading references/inspiration. there have been way too many instances where i try to go back and look at stuff that's been removed or disappeared over time.
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