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  1. Thanks quera! Glad you liked it. Not so fond of the music? :/ I guess I wanted something with a good, stable rhythm.. Didn't have the chance to see the Antenna graphics yet Hope you're having a good time in Greece!! Also thanks to every kind member of mograph for their opinions and suggestions. Much appreciated.
  2. Greetings from Athens (Greece) to all mograph citizens Hope you're all doing great! If you have a minute (literally), check out my reel, and let me know what you think. ANY feedback is appreciated. Thanks! Watch me! :edited: posted new revised edition, more loose editing.
  3. Hey guys, I've been a frequent visitor to your forum, but now I've finally signed up to share 3 tutorials I've written for my site. Falling From Heaven Or how to simulate a free fall from the sky to the ground using Google Earth and After Effects. Alone In The Dark Or how to simulate a candle-lit scene in After Effects Let There Be Life Or how to simulate a growing tree using After Effect's Advanced Electricity Hope they're helpful and easy to follow (feedback appreciated ) Thanks! Henry
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