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  1. I'm not sure you really need to have both navigations... although i see what you're doing. Perhaps they just need to be the same order. Other than that the site does the job.
  2. oh wait.... i think it only applies if you are an individual or partnered LLC.. I think you in the clear if you are incorporated.
  3. hmmm... I'd be careful and I wouldn't count on people not seeing it. 500 views is also a random number that philmadelphia just made up. The real answer is you don't know who is going to look at your site; and at the end of the day you're using footage that was stolen. Not cool. Could you get away with it? Sure, probably. But what you're saying is that any copyrighted material like Films, Sporting events, commercials etc.. can be used in demo reels w/ no questions asked because you are not selling "the promo" and are just exhibiting your skills. I disagree; you are selling your skills by using footage that you could never produce yourself.
  4. Smart words sao. I wanted to start a site similar to this years ago. It never materialized for this exact reason. We were afraid of slandering companies. Or the companies claiming that we were slandering their image even if it was justified or true. Although I think a site or database like this should exist; it sure does seem sketchy when you take responsibility running and maintaining the site. the guy from ripoffreport.com I believe had many lawsuits against him. He starting bribing companies saying he would remove comments on his site for a fee. That certainly got him in trouble.
  5. yeah, harrison is a cool little town. I almost rented an apt there before I got the place I"m in now. if you like indian food tandoori is right around the corner in port chester..
  6. I'm moving out of my 2 bed apartment in Valhalla. We're right across from the train and about 15 min drive from Rye / harrison area. It's a pretty sweet central location. About 5 min away from downtown white plains. Only 40min into grand central. However, i know the owner doesn't want to do any kind of short term rental.
  7. wow. this is a great reel - I somehow missed this one. As for this thread; i agree with what everyone is saying. You need to lay off the "art" if you actually want to land some gigs that will pay you decent money. You need to focus on good design, communication and making your compositions well thought out and pleasant to look at.
  8. I'd stay away from putting tutorials in your reel. Some okay stuff in there. Keep on keeping on.
  9. try using the spherical field to get that fold/bubble in your base form.. Also you could always just use 2 forms. One that goes from left to right and tucks behind the middle device... and then another layer that comes out from the middle device and keeps traveling to the right.
  10. dang... a bum makes about 30k more than a hobo.
  11. Haley

    TV Animation

    I agree with what's been said above. I think one of the biggest problems is that at about 3 seconds in you've got a screen which basically shows you the entire scene. So then when you pull your camera in for close-ups we already know what they are... laptop, speaker, etc.. You tried making it "better" with particular. Never mind the particles or the arrangement of the elements - take a look at the laptop close up shot - I think that by itself kinda works. But because of the poor cam moves and strange 3d space the overall piece lacks and that frame doesn't stand out as being nice to look at. Try and self edit as much you can. Pick apart your cam moves, 3d space and design, framing, speed, etc.. Watch films and think about what the camera is doing, study how it moves.. then apply what you learn to after effects, cinema etc..
  12. Back to the drawing board I'm afraid. The type is huge. There's too many rounded corners. You're just not using the space efficiently. Get back to basics. Create something simple and effective that will show people exactly what you want them to see. Right now all I see is big type, cramped space, loud colors and very little work which is cropped by double strokes and a bubble box. You've made a site design which looks dated. Look at your proportions and perhaps read up some stuff.. Look into some design books, read up on the fibonacci series the golden section for starters. Keep cranking out designs and you'll get better and better.
  13. why not make it stream? no offense, but i don't really want to dl your reel to disk.
  14. i would have to disagree, it's fairly straight forward once you get the hang of it... You can see the numbers of what you would have paid to ss and medicare if you had been a 1099. I would recommend seeing an accountant to get their perspective of what you should do. The main difference between LLC and s-corp is payroll. I've also heard that LLC are better as partnerships where as the S-corp there is only 1 owner. I'd suggest to anyone to see an accountant and see what's best for you.
  15. you've got a few options: http://www.businessnameusa.com/articles/co...essEntities.htm
  16. Well, the key here is when you say "estimate your worth below what you know to be true..." That's illegal. I'm saying that you estimate your "worth" or yearly income based on an average of what others make in the industry and your location. Even use google to get some numbers more accurate than just a guess. The point is to be reasonable and fair and yo pay your taxes. Distribution does get taxed. You pay income tax on ALL that money. You are exempt from s.s. and medicare. Being an S-corp and getting overhead isn't uncommon, illegal, wrong or anything else. It's just standard business practice. If you were to go to an accountant and tell them "I make 60k a year as a freelancer and it all gets paid to my S.S#." My guess is they will tell you to form an Inc or an LLC. Another reason individuals form corporations is to be protected.. Say you do something wrong and are getting sued.. if you are an LLC or Inc.. they will be forced to sue your company and NOT you as an individual. This means they can't take your house, car or any other personal property. But if you are just a freelancer getting a 1099 and they want to sue... you could potentially loose everything you own. So my suggestion to anyone in this biz making some dough... go see an accountant... ask them questions and see what they say is best for you.
  17. nah, it's not really a red flag.. If you make 50k and you declare 45k as distribution that's a red flag.. Having and declaring distribution is pretty standard if you're an inc - you just need to be reasonable. I'm not saying "don't pay taxes" or "there's this crazy loophole you need to get in on"... I'm just letting people know that you don't need to get paid to your ss# and that there are other options. In my opinion, if you make 50k or more an S-corp is by far the best way to go.
  18. if you make about 45k or more a year freelancing and are not an S-corp... i suggest you stop what you are doing now and go see an accountant and tell them you want to be an S-corp. Basically an S-corp is a corporation with no employees.. What's great about an s-corp is you get to split your income up into "salary" and "distribution". You need to pay income taxes on everything but your "distribution" is exempt from paying ss and medicare taxes. In the end it can save you some cash. The more money you make a year the better in this situation. You basically figure out what your salary should be based on your peers, the standard going rate and the competition.. then the rest of your income can be your companies distribution. The distribution goes to all the shareholders of the company but because you are the only shareholder all that money goes to the owner. I remember reading an article way back when about john kerry's law firm bringing in like 500+k - he took an average lawyer salary of like 120k and the rest was overhead distribution. It's a pretty wild loop hole when you are dealing with huge sums of money. But it still is beneficial if you are making over 50k.
  19. for a site that's suppose to be about animation, the "intro" movie is pretty stupid. I watched it and was like; "really? Was it supposed to be funny?" I guess my humor isn't as bland as cats and skulls.... it just doesn't do it for me. I also agree, the site doesn't look very fresh at all. I also don't like what i read in the terms and conditions.
  20. haha - yep, as simple as that. You can have them sign it electronically if it's an authorized signature. But in the end, just make sure you are paid retainers at every benchmark stated in the contract. If they don't pay your deposits - tell them you can't start working. Most companies respect the honestly and will understand where you are coming from and will get a check in the mail so they can see some progress... or they'll try and hire someone else. And in my experience, if someone can't give me a retainer or deposit - then i don't want to work with them anyway.
  21. particular, cc scatterize, shatter, and ball action will all break up an image and generate particle like elements. All depends how you want it to look and what you want it to do.
  22. is the audio an MP3? Try converting it to an AIFF or something uncompressed. Or yes, render without sound and combine after with quicktime pro. That actually seems like the best solution to me.
  23. the video didn't stream for me. it kept catching up, i didn't get through the first 30 seconds because of it. i agree, no need for so many clicks to view the video. yah, don't use tutorial stuff either. and what's up with that opening scene? lol
  24. odenkirk is the man.. have you seen "melvin goes to dinner" - he directed it, it's pretty funny.. mostly all dialog. i wish odenkirk would do more sketches these days, he's fantastic at characters. You know he was on the ben stiller show for a bit until that show was axed. This is bob doing charles manson as if he were lassie.. a classic sketch..
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