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  1. Wow - a huge thank you to the great Zack Lovatt for bringing this back from the dead! Where many have failed, Zack has succeeded! Let's set up some kinda tip jar for this guy. Woot and stuff
  2. Column view, or lack thereof, is just one of those things thats difficult to get over. Personally.... I hate column view with a passion. I think its just one of those things we get used to either direction. Just use normal windows explorer. All third party explorer view alternatives provide a poor experience
  3. AromaKat

    new laptop

    I'm extremely, and surprisingly happy with my Surface Book. I would never use it as a primary working machine, but as a laptop for those on-the-go moments, its pretty fantastic. There should be a new one being announced soon. Rumors have it at a much better GPU
  4. AromaKat

    new laptop

    more like its 2005
  5. http://www.motionscript.com/mastering-expressions/simulation-basics-3.html
  6. Correction: Other sites were hacked, and they have been using the details to log into teamviewer using the same credentials. Lesson: don't use the same password everywhere
  7. I think the video game reel works well, and more game titles under your belt will make this feel exponentially more grand over time. When I scrolled down in the site, though, I got mixed feelings. I was kind of excited to see what was a whole lot more work but was kind of left disappointed. Not regarding the work at all, by the way. Just the presentation of whats there to see. I kind of expected to find a lot more game work, in any way shape or form, but instead clicked links with long scrolls of content that didn't really go anywhere. So each click on a link was a gamble, and I felt like I was hunting through weeds to find ones of interest. For example.. The Aliance. I see that thumbnail, click it... have to scroll down, and it turns out to just be the thumbnail again. Thats all I get. At this point, I think turning the portfolio on only video games will help a lot. Becoming an industry specialist is definitely not a bad thing, and I'd really ride that wave for as long as possible now that you have caught it. I bring this up because I feel adding your editing stuff in replacement of the smaller bodies of work presented on the website would go a long way in the overall presentation. There are a lot of experimental and personal projects in there, which is all cool and shows me that you have a bit of range, but it leads one to wonder if you are itching for work outside of gaming. Instead, I'd think it would be cool to see you whole-heartedly embrace that world. Make it yours. Sorry if going off on the tangent I did is completely misplaced. Maybe you hate the game world and are trying to pivot out of it or whatever the case may be.
  8. Pretty hot stuff in there, especially considering its essentially a student reel. Also - your presentations of case studies are top notch and give me lots of information about the process and underlying work that went into it. You will be fine entering the workforce. In terms of criticism, I'd say you are drawing a lot of inspiration and design aesthetics from current trendy artists. Try to approach your next project(s) using something that is more your personal art direction. Use items that aren't motion graphics related as your reference and inspiration material.
  9. I think overall you did a pretty good job at making a very boring topic at least somewhat entertaining and engaging. I think his comments regarding design stem from the art direction on this being firmly within the bland "explainer video" style that is so saturated today. I think that if you are looking for anything actionable to take away from it, perhaps try to find a twist or style that resonates with you personally and incorporate that into your art. Shading, texture, and just some extra detail overall. Changing up camera angles and framing to make it feel more like an edited shoot wouldn't hurt, either. Lingering on a shot for so long gives the viewer time to study the shot and find something to moan about in the first viewing pass. Using Chris Davies as your VO is another sore thumb... Cheap and good, but just too common and recognizable. Its better than a random joker off voices yelling into their laptop mic, I suppose.
  10. I'm a heavy user of teamviewer - but its definitely not an ideal to work for anything requiring realtime or color accuracy. RDP (Windows Remote Desktop) is pretty nice, but has similar issues. There are companies like http://www.teradici.com/that has hardware to stream a workstation from a server room to the desk, but that requires a dedicated ethernet cable (uses a different protocol over ethernet). Its expensive.. and I'm sure the experience is similar to that of Teamviewer when going outside of the local network.
  11. The VO is being drowned out by the music. Just mix it a bit and it will be in good shape.
  12. A dry read, but its a great source for learning color science http://www.amazon.com/Color-Correction-Handbook-Professional-Techniques/dp/0321929667
  13. If you aren't also rendering from the same machine that is processing the b3d files, it should resolve your issue. C4D rendering squeezes your processor for everything its got, so its unable to also process the b3d files on the side. You can use a mac mini or any small machine, really. Just as long as there is some headroom to do its thing without c4d render eating up all of the cpu resources.
  14. I agree that a high clock cpu is more important than the number of cores. Something to note, though... Once AE starts using additional cores for rendering, xeons & cpu count will be a concern again.
  15. I think you are breaking down the drives a little too heavily. In general, don't put apps on a separate drive. Games support doing so well, but it can cause problems in other apps. You also don't really need a separate drive for rendering to. It may get you a performance boost when rendering, but only on projects that are too fast in rendering to warrant any desire for a speed increase to begin with. My personal config is something like: System / OS / Applications = 256gb SSD Cache = 512gb SSD Important File Archive = 2x 1tb as a raid 1 Work & renders = raid 10 Definitely have some type of raid for your work drives. Raid 1 at a minimum, but raid 10 is absolute king for working with media the way we do. 1tb won't get you very far but may be fine depending on what type of work you do. For archival, I buy used hard drives off ebay. You can find good deals if you search for hard drive 'lots'. Old drives from servers etc. I also burn the project to blu-ray without large media files or uncompressed renders if its too large for disk. A lot just depends on what type of work you do, and the size of the projects. Definitely raid, though. If you don't, you are guaranteed to be royally burned at some point.
  16. Sounds like it just got a new ip, and the software was still looking for the old ip. There is a euphonix finder type of utility, I believe. If you run that it should update
  17. Mac or PC? Does it matter for a license transfer?
  18. AromaKat

    DMA LA

    I haven't gone in quite some time, either.. I'll try to make it this go-around.
  19. Check this new hotness out.. https://thegrid.io/
  20. Unfortunately, not much can be done yet. Apple did do something special with the form factor of the Mp that PCs can't do because of established standards. This came at a cost, of course, with there only being a single proc in there and being 300% reliant on thunderbolt, but nothing PC can even try to compete and make a cylindrical option. There just isn't a standard form factor that allows someone to arrange the bits in the same manner. You could go for a micro ATX motherboard setup. It will get you the closest, but also at a cost. Typically, you can only use one good video card in there, which is fine, but it just won't ever be your octane farm or anything. They also typically have fewer PCI slots than the typical workstation-class motherboard. It may be perfectly fine - especially if its a mobile rig. You can still house the same procs and ram as the large boards. Here is a link to micro-atx cases. Since form factor seems to be the largest concern, I'd say find a case that would work best for you and build around that. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007583%20600006318&IsNodeId=1&name=Mini-ITX%20Tower&cm_sp=Cat_Computer-Cases_4-_-VisNav-_-MiniITXTower
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