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  1. The colours in my video on Vimeo is blown out only in Chrome, but looks correct in both Safari and Firefox. I rendered as ProRes 4444 with a SRGB 2.1 as the colour profile and this is what was saved out in the output. Anyone know what Chrome would work better with? I haven't had this issue before and I haven't found the answer in my google searches.
  2. Beautiful work, Chris! Love the concept too. The modelling must have taken a while. Lot of complexity, wow. My only feedback is the textures look too perfect in my opinion. I know it's a clean factory, but a little noise never hurt anyone.
  3. Binky, did you ever figure out the cause or solution for this? I'm having the exact same problem with AE 10.5 and OS 10.6.8. RAM Preview won't play, it caches the frames, locks the frames, I can't stop it, but won't play them. Same as your description.
  4. Anyone still have this? It's too bad it's down.
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