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  1. Hello, I have tracked some footage off a phone screen so that i can composite some new animated footage on the phone. Now the track is fine but when i apply the tracking data to the new footage (corner pin) i see a small edge on the outside. This is because the footage is scaled (corner pinned) to fit the motion of the phone. What i want to do is scale the entire footage just a bit. Is there a way to add a overall scale so that i don't have to scale every single tracked keyframe? Hope someone can help me?! Cheers, Thierry
  2. Thanks a lot guys! really help me out...! Cheers!
  3. Hi, I am trying to get a mesh build up animation going in c4d. I have put a link below with a example on how it must look like. Can some of you help me out on how to set this up in c4d. So not the plexus effect but only the c4d setup. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ru7k4ptivie2p6d/Faces.mp4?dl=0 Thanks!
  4. Hello, I am trying to create a Dynamic Sim in C4D R14. The id is that 13 umbrella who are scattered in a room will lift of an then hang mid air. Now i have tried and the basic simulation is not that difficult... the lift off works. The thing is that it doesn't take the pivots point mass into the calculation. It just looks like a light weight thing just going up. I have tried to put6 a weight at the handle of the umbrella (connector/fixed) but it does not work the way I wanted to. Anybody out there who is willing to take a look at this. File: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/732663/Golf%20Umbrella%2002.c4d Cheers!
  5. Hello, I am working on a project and I have to come up with a solution for the following animation. A object is falling down, rotating etc... during the animation the object leaves a "fairy dust" trail behind that at the will come together and makes a little spin. Before I dive into TP I would like to know if this is even possible to do...? I've copied a link of a image that will explain it better, i hope... (couldn't attach a image, don't know why) http://dl.dropbox.co...2663/Sketch.jpg I hope some of you can help me?? Cheers Thierry
  6. Hi All, I am working on a shot where I need to composite on some 3d geometry. Also I want to know what type of lens they used... I remember that there was a tutorial about how to calculate this! If anybody can help me with this it would be great!! Cheers, Thierry
  7. Hi, I am trying to re-create a photo develop effect. I've got aa example... sarts at 0.42 sec. ( ) but I don't know how to get the blacks to come up firts and then the whites! hope you guys out there have a idea Greets, thierry
  8. Thanks for the fast reply...! Gonna try this one out asap! Cheers!
  9. Hello, I am in the pre production fase of a project that needs effects for the next shot. I think i know the way of tackling this but just want it to share with you! I need to composite footage in a shot where you see a topview of a hand that puts a undeveloped photo in a tub of liquid so that it will develop. The photo will have trackmarks... only thing that i tyhink will be tricky is the water displacement that has to take place on the composited footage! So any tips on this workflow would be great... maybe that i have to do wit a 3d app????? Greets Thierry
  10. Hello, I need some help with this problem i am facing. I a render que in AE with a total of 150 compositions to be rendered. Only all the compositions have to be in separate folders! Hell of a job if i have to do it manualy... So does any of you out there know a AE script that kan automate this job???? Would be great! Cheers, Thierry
  11. Hello, Don't know if ant of you can/will help me with this one but here iet comes. I'm working on a project that exists 50 short separate sequences. After revising some of these, i would like to render them to a seperate DIR as a new version. But everytime i have to create and name all the folder. So after searching the net i bumped into this script "Consolidate_Sequence_Renders.jsx" on http://www.crgreen.com/aescripts/. It does the job up to a curtain point, it names the folders in a way the qeue is orginazed. I would love it if the script toke the name of the Comp! As i am more creative then technical i was wondering if some of you are able to customize the script??? Hope that there's somebody out there.... ) Grtz Thierry
  12. Hi, Wondering if someone can help me? Below i will explain the animation. 1. screen filled with same sized dots. (think R.Lichtestein) 2. in the middle 1 dot gets bigger. 3. as soon as the big dot hits an other dot it will push away, this repeat also with the other dots. All little bit out of sync of each other. Is this possible with particles or do i have to use a script/expression(s) Good weekend to all and hope to tackle this animation on Monday... Cheers, Thierry
  13. Hi people, Here my request for a workaround of this next animation. I've just animated a couple falling cards in AFX. Now scene is that the cards drop down starting behind the camera and end in the center of the frame, all in different positions. Off course it's possible to do this all by hand, card for card... but i am hoping that there is a better way?!??!? (expression. script, particles etc...) Anyone & any advise is more then welcome. Regards Thierry Tolhuijs
  14. Hey, I am trying to create a animated sequence using Illustrator and then import it to After fx. Problem is when i use the "release to layers" command in illustrator, the layers separate into sub layers. So when i import the file into AFX it handles it as one layer. maybe it's a setting i Illustrator but i can't figure it out... Hope that some of you can help me?? Thanks Thierry
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