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  1. Also you have tons of little boutiques up here looking for designers and mograph/3D freelancers. Nike,Intel,Adidas,Hinge,Roundhouse,W&K,Instrument tons of others and new small production co's popping up all the time up here. Im in SW but I like it since I have a family. The Lumberyard is a fun place if your like to BMX or have some track/ramp fun in NE near the airport.
  2. Hey all, AENY meeting is tomorrow 3/28 . Important topic VFX Town Hall current state of VFX with myself , Bran Doughtery-Johnson, Eric Alba and others. Also Zync guys will be on hand to talk Nuke/Maya rendering in the cloud. Here is the meeting info and Eventbrite link for the free meeting. Come out if you can make it. http://aeny.org/2013/03/march-2013-meeting/ Hope to see you there if your in NYC or surrounding area make sure you make it out for the VFX panel talk. Cheers, Jim
  3. Hey all 2013 starts another year for AENY. Here is the rundown for the meeting if your in NYC. Always open and free to attend just show up. Chris has a new Roto tool he has developed that is going to blow some minds for Roto and collaboration. http://aeny.org/ Juan SalvoCOLORISTO “New York City based colorist, Juan Salvo, is as demanding with image quality as he is technically savvy, a combination that’s served him well in his chosen profession. His work has been seen on movie and television screens and in web browsers and mobile devices worldwide. He regularly collaborates with a diverse clientele; acclaimed music video directors, world-renowned artists, advertising creatives, filmmakers and documentarians to enhance and finish their projects. Chris HealerVFX SUPERVISOR - THE MOLOCULE Chris will be showing a new rotoscoping/collaboration tool he developed Remotoscoping.com. Founded in 2005, The Molecule has established itself as a prime resource for high quality Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, and Animation. Our artists and production crew service those in the Television, Feature Film, Advertising, and Corporate Industries with a special focus on Visual Effects, Commercials, Episodic Television, Graphics Packages, and Interactive Installations.
  4. Well certainly I can let you in on the hacktastic secret you can make ProRes on Windows without having a DVS Clipster or other 150k+ system. Little hacking but you can get it done with FFMpeg Not for the faint of heart http://tomellard.com/wp/2012/03/make-prores-video-on-a-pc/ http://ffmpeg.org/doxygen/trunk/proresenc_8c.html Follow and try at your own time and risk. It can be done and some limitations as far as reading in certain apps.
  5. Not to sure about that ProRes comment everything I have delivered or come across on set/post depending on camera package and edit spec is ProRes.(among DPX/EXR etc) If the edit house dictates DNxHD then they'll make them at the same time. Most of the the recorders I own or DP/DIT use are recording ProRes. Hell the most popular and most used format from Alexa is ProRes. Not one episodic shoot I know of in NYC/LA right now is not shooting ProRes for handing off to dailies team to archive and deliver. Not taking a dig at DNxHD its got its place just fine in Avid workflow but for all the base still on FCP 7 the others looking at Premiere Pro and over NLE's its still ProRes. Both Avid and Apple have a nice hefty fee to license ProRes to 3rd parties . And be aware each ProRes compliant device from recorder to app can vary . Apple doesn't write anything for the companies they adhere to Apple's spec which isn't always correct (QT Gamma and Color shift) Also that shiny cam Chris has can do more then even the HDSDI he has on it . ProRes via internal Alexa SXS recording does 12-bit 4:4:4 ProRes while HDSDI tops at 10-bit 4:2:2
  6. 1st meeting for 2012 is a good one. As always the meetings are free to attend and the crazy raffle is always free as well. http://aeny.org/2012/01/january-2012-meeting/ When -645-9pm Where- PS 41 116 West 11th St., New York, NY 10011-8306 Peder Norrby TRAPCODE FOUNDER Dude! We don’t know what he’s talking about just yet, but frankly, we’d listen to the creator of Trapcode Particular read a phone book. Whatever he talks about, we’re sure it will be inspiring and mind blowing. Lloyd Alvarez AESCRIPTS.COM Lloyd Alvarez, who is the founder of AEscripts.com, will be coming to show some cool stuff to help us work faster and better in AE.
  7. Hey All after the summer hiatus and the meeting place being redone AENY is back Sept 29th for the next meeting. Line up for the meeting will be - AENY's Jim Geduldick doing a bit of a Rewind from summer with C4D R13, Newton, CS5.5 and tons of other things to catch up on. -Ben Griggs animator and editor based in NYC will be showing ShapeShifter AE and how you can use it for simple and complex 3D Text, extrusions,morphing and logo creation. - Dan Gies our Montreal friend who is a digital puppeteer and filmmaker is going to take character animation and rigging in After Effects to a new level showing some of his work and Mettle's plugin FreeForm Pro As always the meetings are free for anyone to attend We have more of the free door prize raffles then we have ever had from hardware,software and plugins. Meeting place and time - TIME- 645-9 PM PLACE- PS 41 116 West 11 st NYC WWW.AENY.ORG for all the info See you there Jim
  8. If your in the NYC area the next AENY will be Feb 24th in NYC. All are welcome and it is free to attend. on the schedule is Jeremy Cox of Imaginary Forces NYC Imaginary forces is a Design Company, Production House, and Creative Agency in the areas of film titles, branding, commercials, broadcast design packages, interactive spaces and more. Jeremy will be showing some work done for Boardwalk Empire and VH1 Divas. He’ll also be covering camera projection and mograph elements in Maxon Cinema 4D and After Effects. We will also be showing some new C4D and AE tools and catching up on events. meeting info is here http://aeny.org/2011/02/february-meeting-2/
  9. 1st meeting for 2011 is going to be a good one. Everyones favorite scripting pal Lloyd Alvarez from aescripts.com will be coming out to show new scripts including his new released BG Render script. Russ Anderson from Anderson Tehcnologies LLC makers of SynthEyes matchmove software will be showing the new features for the 2011 release. Robert Sharp from DigiEffects will also be giving everyone who attends a DigiEffects plugin license (not sure which plugin yet) Tons of new sponsors and raffle prizes both hardware and software. Some new sponsors are GoPro cameras Aja BlackMagic Design X-rite Jag35 support systems Gtechnologies As always the meetings are free for anyone one of any level or interest in visual effects,filmmaking,design,3D and animation. Check the meeting page info http://aeny.org/2011/01/january-meeting-2/ time 645-9pm place PS 41 116 Wst 11th St NYC
  10. Stereoscopic fun and some new sneak peaks at new software. Tim Dashwood DASHWOOD CINEMA SOLUTIONS Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Stereographer. As a director of photography Dashwood has photographed five feature films, twelve short films, and countless music videos. He is the author of the acclaimed Stereo3D Toolbox suite of stereoscopic post-production tools for Final Cut Studio and After Effects. Tim founded Dashwood Cinema Solutions in 2009 as a research, development & consultancy division of Stereo3D Unlimited and his production company 11 Motion Pictures Limited. Todd Prives GENARTS GenArts, Inc. is the premier provider of specialized visual effects software for the film, broadcast and video industries. Tonight, Todd will be showing Monsters GT for After Effects – over 50 one-of-a-kind visual effects plug-ins, including 2D particles, fluid, fire and time-based feedback effects. Ross Shane IMAGINEER SYSTEMS Ross Shane will be giving a sneak peek at Mocha Pro, Imagineer’s new tool. With hundreds of hands on post production projects under his belt, Ross is an accomplished motion graphics designer, art director, effects compositor, editor, colorist and post/visual effects supervisor. PS 41 116 West 11th St., New York, NY 10011-8306 As always meetings are free,raffles are free all are welcome. http://aeny.org/
  11. Time again for AENY meeting here is the meeting info . John Lepore ASSOC CREATIVE DIRECTOR, PERCEPTION NY John will show some amazing breakdown work done on Iron Man 2 along with other client work for NBC, Showtime and Marvel Entertainment. Jim Geduldick AENY Jim will be doing a wrap-up of everything that went down at IBC in Amsterdam related to cameras,post and vfx . Some cool new software and hardware toys to talk about and show. Always its free to attend and always killer raffle prizes. 6:45-9pm PS 41 116 West 11th St., New York, NY 10011-8306 http://aeny.org/2010/09/september-meeting/
  12. That time again for AENY . Meeting details. The Foundry will be in the house with vfx artist Deke Kincaid- Deke has worked on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, “National Treasure Book of Secrets,” as well as many other features and commercials for studios like Motion Theory, Technicolor, Pysop, Zoic and many other. He will show some of his work and the inner workings of The Foundry’s Nuke compositor and new 3D texture painting Application Mari. If you want to get more info on Nuke or Mari come out this will be another killer meeting. PS 41 116 West 11th St., New York, NY 10011-8306 August 26, 2010 TIME 6:45PM-9:00PM LOCATION PS 41 http://aeny.org/2010/08/august-meeting/ Hope to see you all there. Jim
  13. Have to say being on the beta and showing the plugins at both NAB and recent AENY meeting it is a huge time saver to stay within AE for 3D tracks. I have Kronos running on a 8 core Mac Pro with a GTX 285 and its pretty slick being able to check rendered retimes extremely fast. Jack and the team did a kick ass job on these plugins and I through them some really hard shots with alot of motion to see how well they would hold up.
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