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  1. Thanks- I figured that sales guy had no idea what he was talking about. Looks like I'll have to spend an extra $400 for the rare out of print CS3 suite. AGGGH!
  2. I was just given some questionable information from an Adobe salesperson and I figured most people here would know whether this was BS or not. I currently have the CS2 production suite at home and the company I work for uses CS3. Due to hardware compatibility, my workplace probably won't be upgrading to CS4 anytime soon. Anyhow, it's now much cheaper to upgrade to CS4 than CS3, but if I can't take my work files home there's not much point. So I'm asking this Adobe sales guy if I can still buy an upgrade to CS3 from them, and he's telling me that all of the CS4 versions have backwards compatibility with the CS3 versions. He claims I could work in AE CS4 and save my project as a CS3 compatible file. I find this hard to believe and it goes against all the things Adobe's done in the past. This can't be correct, can it?!
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