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  1. Thanks for the input. I would have done that...but I don't know how. I guess it's time to RTFM, huh? Thanks anyway.
  2. OK guys...I got the chain lookin' the way I want it...using Duplicate on a spline w/instances: Other than setting bones on every link, is there a way to connect the weight of the logo to the chains and have it all dynamically react to itself if I drop it from the top of the frame (collision detection, etc)? I want the logo to be totally out on top of frame, drop into center frame and have the chains tighten & swing the logo forward / backward / side to side. I would also like to create some particles (water-like) on the chain so when it snaps tight, the water sprays off like a boxer getting punched with a face full of sweat & it flys everywhere. You guys rock - Thanks Joey
  3. Hey MHR, Thanks for the links. I can see now how to do the chain. Still unclear about animating it though. I will keep looking. I will definitely report back with an animation when i get it figured out. Any input on the animation, please keep it coming. Thanks so much. Joey
  4. Hey Chris, Wow...that test you did is on the money... EXACTLY with what I want to do animation-wise...SWEET (but with a rusty oval link chain - like a Tow Truck chain). SilverBullet is a pay-4 plug-in? I am willing to go that way if it cannot be done in the R10.5 Studio Bundle which is what I have. Is there no way to accomplish your test animation without that plug-in? Thanks so much, Chris...you rock. Joey
  5. Hello Friends I have a 3D logo I built in C4D R10.5 that will be connected to 2 heavy link chains on 2 areas on top of the logo. I want to drop the logo from the top of the frame and have it bounce & rock realistically. If you can help, I need the following: 1. Building a link chain 2. Have it react dynamically to the weight of the logo hanging from it If you can help, I would be in your debt. I have a deadline and the holidays approacheth!! Here's the logo: Thank you much...and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Joey
  6. That's just flat-out cool sh!t. What I am wondering is how much $$$ this Producer has to be able to afford licensing for the famous tracks.
  7. A FRIENDLY WARNING - I worked at ZADV for 3 1/2 years in the Post Production facility. Copywriters work in the main building on W. Commercial Blvd. They work you to DEATH. 70 - 80 hour work weeks / weekends / some holidays. Benefits are good but pay is not. Quality is sacrificed for quantity to hit FedEx. I left because I started to forget what my family looked like.
  8. fishface! Way to go dude! I just did a forum search and found the Monkey's scene file. I couldn't figure out what the tracer was...looks perfect if tweaked. Thanks so much for the time, you guys... you @#$%&*! ROCK Joey
  9. Yeah...tried #1...got a bunch of balls (even when making the omni lights really small). Even with a ton of velocity & motion blur...looks like faded balls flying around. You're the man. Thanks for the time. Joey
  10. Out of 127 views - I thank you Chris for posting a suggestion Yup...it looks to be CC Particle World with some camera shake (Wiggle comp) as the pieces blow by camera. I am comping this up in AE and I may try it in C4D just for S & G's. I appreciate you taking the time...you're a prince. Joey
  11. Hey Guys & Gals, I am doing a logo treatment similar to this in Cinema 4D R10.1.1: Please Click here - "SPARKS" treatment I have all the 3D built & animated with emitters in C4D...trying to figure out the particle end of it...how to achieve the "sparks" look and their properties. I tried scaled down primitives / lights with motion blur as children of the emitter...doesn't look even close to similar. Any and all input is greatly appreciated Thank you Joey
  12. DISCLAIMER: I am not selling this nor do I work for Red Giant Software. I am heavily involved in the BETA testing and I just think the users reading this will appreciate the software. The BETA is finished & it is available! If you want a kick-a$$ piece of software for film looks / color treatment & grading, check out Magic Bullet Looks 3 for FCP / AE / etc..: http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/magicbulletlooks.html I will be involved in the testing on the rest of the MB Suite Upgrade (Frames / Instant HD / Colorista) and the complete suite will be coming soon... http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/magicbulletsuite.html Joey
  13. Holy sh!t...that is beautiful. Would love to learn how to do that kind of work.
  14. RJ, Nice work. Something that stands out to me on the first pass is the transition coming out of the clouds. They just fade off. You should complete the flythrough to reveal the earth / logo. I also like Chris's idea..."rotating HDMI Skydome slowly so you'll see the light sources shift around". That will look very organic rather than that the gratuitous sheen bar running across the logo. I think the text could be a bit thicker (extruded) as well. Nice job so far. Joey
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