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  1. Hello mintyfresh, glad to hear you like Guatemala and our reel!, nice story you got here. Cheers.
  2. thanks for the great advice Cosmo Ray
  3. Nice work cain, really enjoy your camera movements and transitions.
  4. Muchas gracias este.eri you right with the speheres, thanks for your comments!
  5. Hey thank you very much oeuf, thanks for your comments also!.
  6. does any one know how to embed?
  7. Hey there i see a lot, of reels, thats the reason of the name, i wanted to share our work in Guatemala, hope to hear critics and feedback. Cheers.
  8. chepetusa

    Ident MOSH

    Hello pals, just want share our new ident, we used cinema 4d, after effects, twich and garage band. Hope to hear some critics and feedback. Saludos.
  9. Hey, Thanks for the comments, the bump was pretty simple just a procedural texture in cinema, it also has a relfection pass with the fresnel texture active and a little bit of blurriness, we also used the sss in the luminance chanel, and the lighting also was very importanta, tree area lights visible to reflections, one in the back and two in the sides. We also built a sort of ciclorama. I will upload a map of the bump in a while just finishin some work here. Tnaks to all.
  10. Thanks, cinema 4d, just bump.
  11. Hello guys, i want to show you this animation that my girlfriend and i made for a personal professional project, hope to hear criticism and feedback, thanks for watching
  12. hey guys, this is my first character animation, hope to get some critics and feedback, have a nice day. buen dia. http://www.chepetusa.net/blog/?p=495
  13. hey, tell what you tink about this, i can take rude critics, so dont worry. http://vimeo.com/4199501
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