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  1. levante

    Building a reel, start to finish

    Wow - five years later, 2018 is almost over and i still didn't build a new reel. Too much work and reels are so 2013...
  2. levante

    Opinions on Schooling

    Nobodys gonna be interested in your degree - but everybody is gonna be interested in what you've learned on the way.
  3. levante

    Dual GPU Workstation query

    Cinema R19 might be able to use both cards, with its new GPU render engine (standard and physical renderer are CPU only, viewport won't be accelerated) . After Effects won't.
  4. levante

    Mograph in Germany

    Most mograph shops are located in Munich, the Cologne area and probably Hamburg (though i never worked up there). iline is right about Berlin: nice place to hang out and party but not a lot of exiting mograph work. Add low day rates for freelancers and you're probably better of some place else for working. Speaking english at work shouldn't be too much of a problem, though it might lead to confusions during work-meetings from time to time. If you plan on staying longer, i'd recommend learning German anyway. Most mograph shops in Germany are pretty small, think 5 - 10 guys. Some shops that come to mind: Aixsponza, Velvet, gate11, Luxlotusliner, FeedMe, United Senses, DMC, BDA, Pro7 - SAT1 Creation, Congaz, KMS Blackspace, Sehsucht Since i'm from Munich, most of these are too...
  5. levante

    C4D Film offset - AE

    As long as the offset isn't animated, there's no need for coffee or expresso: 1. create a new AE comp, containing your cam, lights & nulls from c4d (but not the rendered imagery), enlarge the comp in the same dimension as your camera-offset goes. 2. create a second comp with your c4d renderings in the original resolution. Add the 3d comp and shift its position according to your c4d cam-offset (example: if your cam offset in y = 10% and your comp height is 1000 pixels, you'll have to shift the pre-comp by 100 pixels in y). Thats it.
  6. levante

    Motion Design VS Money

    Easy: get shit done, write invoice, open beer bottle, enjoy.
  7. levante

    Recommend a film

    Some all-time favourites: La Haine Brazil Cidade de deus Underground Shallow grave Snatch Joint security area Fallen Angels Being John Malkovich Gattaca Schtonk 23 C'era una volta il West Delicatessen Spirited away Hero Big Lebovsky Barton Fink Mars Attacks
  8. - Fix caching system - Improve interface & editing speed - Real 3d environment, native 3d object import & camera mapping - Replace raytraced-render-engine with something that works reliable on any gpu - Start selling AE licenses again instead of (or in addition to) your rental system - If thats impossible: at least fix licensing issues, cause they're a pain in the rear - Make it easier to keep old AE versions installed when updating to a new major version (should be the default behaviour) - Make it easier to exchange projects between different AE versions - Layer groups - Time sync (think parenting in time) - Effects on text layers can use range selectors - World peace
  9. levante

    Hold System Blues - Any work with out one?

    First book - first serve. Thats exactly how it works for me.
  10. levante

    Huge scene render optimization.

    For huge resolutions i wouldn't recommend to use the "Render multiple frames simultaneously" option because the render processes will most likely starve on RAM and your rendering will grind to a hault. Render image sequences with multiple BG Render instances instead and keep an eye on the RAM usage to find out how many you can use without choking your machine.
  11. levante

    Hackintosh, PC, or stick w/ Mac?

    Second that. Got my MacPro 5.1 pimped with 12 x 3,46 GHz, SSD and a decent graphics card and it turned out to be faster and cheaper than the new MacPros. Windows is still driving me mad - but maybe i'm just too old for a switch (been using Macs for 20 years now)
  12. levante

    How essential is a degree?

    Before i started studying design, i had to apply with an artistic portfolio and take a two days qualifying examination to get a place at university. Guess that's a good way to seed out the “design might be cool” guys. Maybe you should look for a university class that sets higher standards for beginners (i'm not talking software knowledge - that's definitely something you can teach yourself)? Disclaimer: Sorry i this sounds a little snotty, but i do think that your fellow students are as influential as your tutors.
  13. levante

    How essential is a degree?

    It's not about the degree, it's about what you learn on the way.
  14. levante

    Why are you a freelancer?

    I usually charge day rates - though when i have to do overtime i just write down the hours and divide them by eight.
  15. levante

    Why are you a freelancer?

    Hi, i'm Axel and i'm an alcoholic freelancer since 2001. The good: - only one project at a time (as opposed to constantly having to jump between 3-4 projects in my last staff position) - long holidays = no burn-outs = better motivation at work - i enjoy working on site, learning different methods in different companys and working with changing colleagues - but if i wanted, i could as well work from home - i only work with clients i like - ability to choose between different projects and turn down the ones you don't like - less working hours (though this might turn into the opposite for unexperienced freelancers) - paid overtime - no more killing time at the office (if there is nothing to do i'll stay home) - briefings and feedback are usually more structured, cause nobody wants me to waste my time / their money The bad: - chasing after money - paper- & tax work - need for self promotion (which i'm pretty bad at) - no pay during holidays, illness etc. - choosing between projects often doesn't work out, cause offers don't arrive at the same time (you bet that one day after you signed up for a boring corporate video gig, there's gonna be a kick ass offer for a feature film main title design or similar in your inbox). - you'll often get hired after all the creative decisions are already made - stepping up the career ladder as a freelancer aint easy - for a lot of clients you'll always be the *insert job description here* guy - working on site, you'll sometimes end up at the slowest computer available (well at least you'll get paid by time...) The ugly: - some clients don't pay at all or default - no social security / no pension - who's gonna hire you when you're 50+?