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  1. 450€ to 500€ per day, as a Freelance Designer / 2D & 3D Animator in Munich - Germany, with 10 years experience. I know guys who charge only 300€ and others who charge up to 700€, depending on their experience, software knowledges (3D?) and working speed.
  2. Last time i tried to import EXR Sequences into CS4 it didn't work at all...
  3. unable to create image buffer for 520 x 300 pixels... How on earth am i supposed to do hi-res film comps as long as AE keeps throwing error messages like this?
  4. I also grew up without a "motion graphics" program. But design programs have been around for quite a while and design is about 50% of what i do today.
  5. If you're a genius, the answer is no. If yo're an averagely talented designer it sometimes might help to have a degree printed on your business card. In both cases deep knowledge about the principles of colour, form, typography, photography, dramaturgy, creative outlining, sketching (sic!) and even the history of art & design are as important for our job as beeing an After Effects Pro. You won't learn all of the above during an internship. But you also won't learn anything in a college course you hate.
  6. When i first opened the new AE, i thought i'm in need of new glasses - then i realized it's a new interface. Readability has been much better with CS3. The whole CS4 Interface looks like someone by accident pressed cmd+i in Photoshop.
  7. levante


    Pros: - Bullet proof render engine that was made for animation - not stills (this means real 3D motion blur, depht of field & antialiasing that works, hassle free network rendering, rayhosting and decent RAM management) - Render engine fully integrated (no plug-in solutions - so what you see in the editor is what you get on output) - superior animation tools (not only for character animation) - good performance with large models / scenes - best 3D UI available (in my opinion) - modern architecture (especially when compared to Maya or MAX) - schematic project view (node view for your scene elements) - fair pricing for the basic package Cons: - less plug-ins and tutorials for free - less mograph stuff than C4d - small user base and only few mograph shops that use it - steep learning curve for beginners - render licenses are charged per CPU - no MAC version - owned by Autodesk In my opinion there is no perfect 3D solution out there that fits everyones needs. I prefer to use C4d for simple graphic stuff, typo animations, flying logos and illustrations. For serious animation, realistic renderings and huge poly models (i do a lot of projects for car companies and those CAD models are quite heavy) i'll always prefer Softimage. It's much deeper than C4d - I never ever got stuck without a solution in XSI, but i well remember two projects in C4d that nearly killed me (and the deadline) because of unsolvable render problems.
  8. Works fine but prepare for trouble as soon as you're rendering scenes with Mograph and / or particles involved.
  9. Wonder who the 6.7% germans are that voted for McCain By the way - do they still use those fancy voting machines in Florida? If so, you should worry about them - not the Bradley effect...
  10. Doesn't have to be Mental Ray - on par with the Inferno 3d engine would be cool enough for me. The question remains: why via Photoshop? Implementing 3D into PS but not into Adobes main animation app seems strange. A bit like improved cineon support for Flash or CMYK separation and duplex printing for After Effects...
  11. This whole 3d via Photoshop thing seems quite useless to me. Why should i bring a model - that i have to build in a real 3d app anyway - into Photoshop just to import it into AE and then render it using a crap 3d engine? Instead of rendering it in the 3d app (using a real renderer) and import it, including camera, directly into AE? It's much more comfortable to animate a camera in XSI or Maya anyway.
  12. http://www.metaphrenie.com They're doing some decent motionstuff. Unfortunally it's the only Berlin based shop i know. Most mograph agencys are in Munich, Cologne and Hamburg as are the TV Networks.
  13. Shouldn't be too much of a problem for most pro users, since those 8-core MacPros are allready so much faster than the last PowerMacs i won't miss a PPC version at all. But beware those PowerPC fanboys that are still out there! The might not be using After Effects at all but they shure gonna shout at Adobe for abandoning the holy platform.
  14. I dare say it lacked in everything except nice colours & lighting. I remember a critic saying, that the line "this is gonna hurt and it's not gonna be over quick" - (spoken by one of the bad guys in the first part of the movie) sounds like a threat to the audience...
  15. "From the visionary director of 300"
  16. Good old Card Wipe can also do the trick: - distribute your actors as 2d layers evenly in x direction - precompose - use card wipe on the precomp and set it to one row and as much colums as you have actors - play with the random z & x position paramaters - also works with a 3d camera
  17. Another possible way might be h264 compression packed into a mp4 container - should be playable in both Quicktime and Media Player.
  18. Hi Gabriel, salarys in Berlin are a bit lower than in most other german citys - but so are prizes for housing, food & drinks. A daily rate around 350 € + vat. should be ok for a freelancer. I've heard about designers working for 250 a day or less but an experienced motion designer should be able to require a higher rate. (I'm from Munich, maybe some guy from Berlin could give you a more precise advise).
  19. You may be right. But I really like this particular quote, because it says everything about the importance of ideas in as few words as possible. Fancy graphics and effects are an empty shell without using them in the right conceptual context.
  20. Style = fart Design = boddy odor Concept = heart. (Stefan Sagmeister)
  21. Cooool! Video Feedback rulez!
  22. Just in case you didn't already use this function: Keylight offers edge color correction, for a dark background try to reduce the edge luminancen. But as mentioned above - your best bet might be a separate key for the hairy areas.
  23. ¡Protest! Last summer, a friend and colleague decided to join the protest march against the G8 summit in Northern Germany. Because no one else - including me - could or wanted to join her (for different reasons like: urgent rendering, deadline approaching, to old for this shit, G-what?, don't wanna get flogged by policemen, uncomfortable handcuffs etc.), I decided to support her revolutionary energys by providing an appropriate soundtrack for her trip. A quick tour through my iTunes library resulted in the following playlist with songs, more or less related to any form of protest (there are several german songs amongst them wich most of you guys might never have heard of): I'm Afraid Of Americans - David Bowie (I rediscovered this song during the iraq war...) Run Through The Jungle - Creedence Clearwater Revival (Classic anti vietnam war song. The Dude says: Creedence rules!) Gamma Ray - Birth Control (A german one-hit-wonder with english lyrics from the late sixties - i love those ecstatic hammond solos) Sound of Da Police - KRS-ONE (in case you didn't know: when you hear this sound it's about time to run...) Street Fighting Man - Rolling Stones (...in case you didn't run...) Fuck The Police - Rage Against The Machine (...) Wir - Freddy Quinn (Actually a protest song against the 1968 protest movement - telling those work-shy student bastards to finally get a decent haircut...) Mein Freund der Baum - Alexandra (My friend the tree is dead - another strange german tune from the sixties and probably the first pop-song about environmental protection) Hey Boss - Gunter Gabriel (Hey Boss - I need more money A terrible song by germans wanna-be country star Gunter Gabriel. Around the time I quit my first mograph job, I used to play this song at work every day Jacob Green - Johnny Cash (I hereby confess: I love Johnny Cash) Search and Destroy - Iggy Pop & the Stooges (Not exactly a protest song - but the perfect soundtrack for a demonstration) Tanzverbot (Schill to hell) - Fettes Brot & Bela B. (A protest song against a right winged senator from Hamburg - distributed as a free download) Know Your Rights - The Clash (You've got the right to remain silent...) Revolution Rock - The Clash I Fought The Law - The Clash (Did I mention that I like the Clash?) Polizisten - Extrabreit (A Song about german cops from the 80's. My favourite textline translated: They're smoking "Milde Sorte" (a cigarette brand) because live's already hard enough...) Do You Remember Malcolm X - Miriam & Mbongi Makeba (A Black Panther Soul Hymn from the early seventies) The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott-Heron (There won't be any motiongraphics as well I guess) Tell It Like It Is - S.O.U.L. (Another great soul tune - there is a nice compilation called black & proud with songs of this era available on CD) Hurricane - Bob Dylan (I'm not a big Dylan Fan - but i like this one and i guess any collection of protest songs would have at least one Dylan song in it) Four Dead in Ohio - Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (A classic one) Legalize It - Peter Tosh (Good for de mood - good for asthma...)
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