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  1. thanks, i'm gonna give it a testdrive tomorrow.
  2. Does anybody know where i can purchase a decent car animation rig for Cinema 4d? Only thing that i found was drive - but i need precise animation controls, not a simulation that does what it thinks is real. I'm going to animate the car along splines and would like the wheels rotation & steering and the chassis banking to be automated but still controlable. An automated steering wheel would be nice too. Cheers, levante
  3. Absolutely right! This is a useless discussion (same as "wich 3D Software is better" by the way) - as long as a system/software/tool/car/bike/toaster/whatever works for you and doesn't slow you down, just use it and focus on your projects. Just my two (euro) cents...
  4. Yeah - but it might help you to do some nice, crazy, psychedelic designs!
  5. I doubt that my clients would like me to animate their super secret show opener, latest concept car model or brand new corporate logo in public places. Also carrying around a MacPro or PC tower plus monitors might be a bit arduously...
  6. C4d has a maximum frame size of 16.000 pixels width. You'll need to tile the image.
  7. I usually delete the frames in my output folders and do a "skip existing files" re-render. If you render from the command line, you can also write in the frame range without having to open the project - but this might take you longer than just deleting the files. If you're on a Mac, you could also label your rendered pictures - in case you'll have to re-render the same ranges, you can then identify and delete the new pictures easier.
  8. I do basically everything myself. I write, scribble, design, animate (DD & DDD), comp, edit, direct, supervise - whatever (good thing about this: if there is an error - i always know who's responsible ). Only things i avoid are sound, fotorealistic 3D, cleaning & dishwashing. Obviously i work for small shops most of the time. For bigger studios / projects i sometimes only do one of the above - but find it far less entertaining...
  9. ¡Viva España! The good thing about Spain winning: being german i can now claim, that we only lost against the world champion. And anothername finally got his rugby world cup even though it only lastet 120 Minutes...
  10. I just did a few tests and everything seems to run just fine, as long as i don't use any incompatible effect. As soon as i try to render anything including an unsuported plug-in, the trouble starts. Even after deleting the effect from my test setup, MP rendering continues to not work and as soon as i change the MP settings the interface brightness goes rampant again. Only thing that helps is to restart AE and not use any third party plugs at all. Great! Todd: do you know if there is already a .0.1 release of After Effects on the way (correct question might be: are you allowed to tell us)? I'd love to use CS5 because it's supposed to be the end of the dreaded image buffer error but i'd also like to use more than one core for previewing / rendering...
  11. Ok - sounds like there shouldn't be any issues with my ATI Card.
  12. Indeed i'm running 10.6.4 - so what does that mean?
  13. thanks Todd, i tried to allocate 1, 1.5 and 2 Gigs per core. Once the "failed to render multiple frames..." error came up, i wasn't able to change the settings though. Instead the setting was stuck at zero Gig (thats when i thougt something might be wrong with my installation and went for a re-install). Project is 1024 x 576 (old school - i know I'm going to try a simple test project tomorrow, as you sugested.
  14. So i finally tried out After Effects CS5 the other day and the first thing i've got is trouble (who would have guessed?). First off all, when i activate the "render multiple frames" setting, the interface brightness instantly sets itself to zero (strange but not crucial). Then when i try to do a RAM preview with MP enabled, i either get the message "not enough RAM - MP disabled" or the background processes do start, but in the activity monitor only the main App seems to render. I've already re-installed the whole CS5 Production suite (and CS4 as well) without any changes. Is anybody else having similar troubles? I'm on a Mac 8 core, 14 Gigs of RAM, MP prefs are set to use 4 cores (tried 3 and 2 as well though), ATI Radeon HD 4870 - OpenGL is disabled, OSX 10.6.4 Project i'm working on was created in CS4 (also tried to import the project instead of opening it but it didn't change).
  15. Sure: dives have to be prevented. But as i pointed out, the problem is the referees quality not the rules themselves. Think of famous referees like Pierluigi Collina, no one would even dare to try a dive in front of that guy, just because of his experience and authority. Also: a decent referee doesn't need to throw out a bunch of cards to get respected (or even feared) by the players, often a freekick and a deep look in the eyes can be enough to prevent further irregularities.
  16. That won't happen. First it would cause to many breaks and destroy the games flow - can't compare it to baseball or american football, where you have breaks every 30 or so seconds anyway. Second it would lead to even more discussions with players and coaches, cause they would want a replay for every minor tackling. Third: how should it be handled in lower leagues, small tournaments, third world countrys and on amateur level? There are Cameras on most international and major league matches for sure but not every second or third division game is being broadcastet. I think football is a simple game and it should be kept simple because this way everybody, everywhere on the planet, can play with the same rules. But the FIFA should rethink the way referees are selected for the world cup. At the moment, refs are chosen 3 years ahead of the tournament and there doesn't seem to be anyone monitoring their performance from that time on. This way a ref can turn to beeing notoriously misjudging for three years but no one's going to stop him from leading a worldcup match. Ridiculous but true!
  17. Seems like Pique had some fake blood with him on yesterdays match.
  18. It seems strange that the superior performance of Englands Premier League clubs doesn´t seem to influence their national team at all. The whole "high balls towards the box" game they are playing, looks like a nineties backflash most of the time. But the other european sides didn´t play that well either: Spain is only but a shadow of the undefeatable Euro winner we´ve seen two years ago, Germany played nice but failed to score the important goals in their second match and the Netherlands won but didn´t really convince yet (at least they played quite effective - looks a bit like they exchanged philosophies with the Germans...). At the moment it looks like Brazil and Argentina are most likely to make it to the final.
  19. Indeed, nine yellow cards and one red in todays match Switzerland vs. Chile and none for the two brutal fouls against Brazil yesterday - that seems a bit "unbalanced" to me...
  20. Till today only Argentina and Germany seemed to play really convincing, England was a bit disapointing and i think the Netherlands can do much better than in their first match today. I´m eager to see how Spain and Brazil will perform during their first round. edit: a nice blog on the world cup and football tactics
  21. What this forum needs is a topic & poll on the ongoing football world cup! (The poll function only offers twenty choices - i hope i didn´t leave out one of your favourites.) For the north americans mograph fellows: the rest of the world actually calls it football - not soccer
  22. Maybe they expect you to include a time schedule and deliverables for both partys ("company x provides logo in vector format / designer y delivers 30" trailer in xy format..." and so on)
  23. Thesis: A decent motion designer shouldn´t have one specific style. He should rather try to develop a style that specifically fits the current project / client. One size fits all doesn´t work in many cases.
  24. You could also animate the time scale factor in the projects settings / MoDynamics tab (Zero equals a time freeze).
  25. You can get special aquarell paper at any artist store. It´s supposed to be handled wet and comes in different textures and weights. If you want to shoot flowing ink you can also try to put water and ink directly on the lightbox and rotate the box a bit (mind kitkats tip and seal the box before!). I like the idea of painting in some "water resistant" parts with oil or fat as mentioned in the link above. Never tried this before. edit: too slow for the paper...
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