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  1. Try to put the paper on a lightbox - the backlight should bring out more detail in the inks structure.
  2. Thanks! In Adobes color picker this should equal 78% brightness.
  3. So i've got my AE project set to "blend colors using 1.0 gamma" like all the color management gurus recommend. So far so good, everything looks good and i should be a happy animator if it wasn't for a problem with the overlay blending mode. Without the 1.0 gamma setting, all areas with a value of 50% grey disappear when set to overlay - wich can be quite helpful from time to time. But using the 1.0 gamma, this doesn't work anymore and the image gets darker as soon as i overlay a 50% grey solid. I guess this comes from 50% grey not looking like 50% grey in linear light. Does anybody know the correct grey value to compensate for this behaviour? Cheers
  4. I think the majority is still using AVID Systems (but i'm sure that every other editing program out there has been used on some feature films too).
  5. Your'e absolutely right on this - most 3D guys are technicians without a sense for design and most designers are artists without a clue about everything more technical than clicking a mouse button. So one possible answer to your question is: be a good Designer and a good 2D/3D animator. Also: know how to work fast and efficient, don't waste valuable time on raytracing, 3D particle systems or global illumination when you can fake it, don't try to solve every problem in one app think about alternatives (if the AE tracker sucks - use Shake or what ever, instead of wasting hours on stabilizing one single shot) - and think about production issues and technical problems during conception (definitely before shooting).
  6. I charge more than the others - so everybody thinks i'm superior
  7. I've got a few of my favourites stored as animation presets but also a text document on a stick, for those jobs on foreign computers out in the wild. edit: cool i'm a superstar - who would have ever guessed...
  8. Thanks for your replies, i´ve only been semi succesfull with the constraint tag but it´s already late evening over here - so i´m gonna try it out tomorrow again. @ C Smith: does the Mo Cam System work with cameras that are already animated over a spline? Or do i need to use a specially rigged cam? Cheers and greetings from Germany
  9. Hi everyone, i know there´s a way to blend between multiple animated cams in Cinema 4d but i couldn´t find out how. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (PS: i´m on R 11.5)
  10. Yes but it´s render engine is far more RAM efficient than AE currently is. Same with Shake - it´s 32 Bit, it hasn´t been improved for years - but hell can it render large formats without RAM Errors! I agree that both are not for mograph stuff though.
  11. Haven´t met a single guy / client / company / other software using the new settings yet. Probably because it just leads to confusion when new and old project & footage files get mixed up. Also: PAL is a dying standard, why should i bother about new specs for such an old format, when HD is about to become the new broadcast standard anyway? As long as nobody requests me to deliver in 788 or 1080 (don´t even know the new width for widescreen...) i´m gonna continue to ignore this matter.
  12. Same here. Couldn´t find a solution yet.
  13. Basically the essence of motiongraphics but it lacks a lens flare, doesn't it?
  14. In English this means: Network Error. This computer is apparently connected to the internet.
  15. Do you think i should file a bug report to Adobe about this issue?
  16. Hi Lloyd I have the trial running since yesterday and it works just great! Probably the biggest time saver since the introduction of expressions especially for those ever growing multipass 3D renders - i´ll consider it a must have for all fellow AE users out there. Oh and thanks for the discount code and your other helpful scripts - we all owe you a beer for those anyway. Greetings from Munich Axel
  17. I changed the framerate of a comp that was accidently set to 29 fps back to 25 and got the error messages (not the warning about the damaged project though - it only appeared on re-opening). Same thing happened later when i tried to copy and paste the layers into a new comp with 25 fps. Importing the damaged project didn´t work as well (i know this helps sometimes). Responsible for the error was a time-reversed layer with masks that where linked to another layers masks via expressions. When i rebuilded the comp i had to delete the expressions before changing the framerate and re-apply the expressions to the masks afterwards to avoid the error. The strange thing was that after the first two error messages no expressions where broken, everything kept working as expected - as mentioned above i rendered everything out and saved the project as usual (probably because i´m used to strange error messages from AE and didn´t really care). Few hours later i re-opened the project and it was damaged. Auto save didn´t help me then because they where all damaged too. Still waiting for the first CS4 Project without major problems...
  18. Ok, i just tried it and everything works just as expected. Cheers
  19. Thanks for the tip guys. Does it cause any problems if i remove the trapcode folder from this location and place in the usual plug-ins folder (inside the app directory)? I´d prefer to have all my plugs in one location, not scattered across my system drive...
  20. I just received the first two error messages below when i tried to change the framerate of a comp. Because nothing visible happened i continued working, rendered out a test and saved the project. When i re-opened the file it appeared to be damaged and a lot of layers are missing - i also get the error messages again on opening the project. Does anybody know a solution for this or had a similar problem in the past? File was created in CS4 on a Mac.
  21. Since i installed the Particular 2 update on my MacPro (8 - core, OS 10.5.8) AE says that there are multiple copys of Particular installed. So i removed the plug from the plugin folder and the message is gone - but particular is still there. I did a search for the plugin on my system drive without results, i also looked inside the program package but it´s not in there either. I also tried the de-installer but it crashes everytime i click "uninstall". Does anybody know were the invisible particular could be hidden? edit: same problem appears in both CS3 and CS4
  22. Ever heard of Cineon, Eddie or Chalice? There have been plenty of other nodal comp apps around before Shake became popular. It´s also kinda funny that you call Fusion scam because it´s Win only, while the first thing Apple did after acquiring Shake was to stop the Windows version. So after your very own logic Shake is scam as well?
  23. While watching an endless rendering i did these (mostly made out of unused layouts): remember those good old times when TV Stations stoped their programs at night?
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