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    levante reacted to ChrisC in Documentary Graphics — References   
    Guessing you'll have seen this but for me it's Depends on the mood though of course. For what it's worth though, it's a bit of a cop-out to dig around for other people's treatments, so if you're serious about coming up with something hot then spend time with the subject matter, find your own path - and not by trawling through vimeo
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    levante reacted to Marc Z in We're back!! Now what?   
    Thanks to the herculean effort of zlovatt mograph.net is back!
    Which instantly begs the question, now what? We'd like your input!
    14 years ago there's wasn't much beyond mograph.net, Creative Cow and Tween (Motionographer's predecessor), now we have great communities at places like motionslack.com and Mixed Parts. Beyond being a repository of 14 years of mograph knowledge, what would you like to see? Reel reviews? Storage of useful knowledge from the MDA Slack?

    Again, huuuuuge props to Zack Lovatt! When tech suppports praises the fact a database that damaged was back up and running, you know someone's a superhero. Grab Flow, Easy Bake, ESL or any of his super useful tools at https://aescripts.com/authors/s-z-0-9/zack-lovatt/
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    levante reacted to Rad_Scientist in AE 6 announced   
    Man, I can't wait for this.
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    levante reacted to the_Monkey in It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!   
    For whatever it's worth I relinked all my old online media to display correctly on mograph.net. I figure since Marc and Zack put forth the effort it's an appropriate time to do the same. 
    While most of it is drivel, it's still better than a bunch of broken link icons... and then there's the occasional gold nugget from Bill Hicks that's forever timeless.
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    levante reacted to AromaKat in It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!   
    Wow - a huge thank you to the great Zack Lovatt for bringing this back from the dead! Where many have failed, Zack has succeeded!
    Let's set up some kinda tip jar for this guy.
    Woot and stuff
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