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  1. from C4DCAFE: "Finally! Tim clapton was able to answer my question, . What needs to be done is to take the render and the object you want to use and put them into a precomp to do the matting, do that for each object you need to matte. then in the outside comp set all the objects transfer modes to alpha add in after effects. That does the trick! ofcourse for the bottom object (unless your bg was in 3d) you may not want to do the alpha add, it probably wouldn't be needed unless your bg was seperated by an object buffer. "
  2. you might find this thread interesting.
  3. I'm searching for this very funny reel, it was mocking all of the showreel cliches, with text saying for example: now some ambient occlusion render, now some fast logos, etc. I think he is german. Any clue? thanks
  4. GI Mode set to IR+QMC (Full Animation) solved my issue. Nick campbell at greyscale gorilla posted this useful resource to understand better how GI works
  5. It's based on avant garde, i think..
  6. I totally agree with you, that was only the first step to determine the basic rate. Then of course all of the variables have to be taken in account.
  7. Personally I try to calculate honestly my basic fee. We should always be aware how much is worth our work. The cost of your life(rent, car, food, everything but honestly) in a month divided by 30 an multiplied fo the days you plan to work on the project. Then you will already have a reasonable amount. Then you can add the percentage of the expenses for computers or softwares you have to write off. then you have to consider what's the use of the logo and the animation, how important will they be in the communication of the company? Do they have big budgets? if yes don't be afraid to ask for a fair and honest price.
  8. I had problems with shadows and GI and here I had some good advices.
  9. wow, thanks Colin! great tip, I'll give it a try..
  10. Hi everyone, I use mograph once again to override my ignorance Basically I have an align to spline expression assigned to few objects moving on concentric splines. Each object has a tracer into a sweep nurbs that generates a trail so to create a track. Problem is when arrive to 100% of the position value I'd like the objects to keep going for a bit on the tracks they created and then turn away and leave the spline. If my shape were a circle I would have used an elicoidal spline, but they aren't circles. In illustrator I'd cut the spline on the end point and add few other points to model my way out, but I can't achieve this effect in c4d. Any suggestion? thanks ahead
  11. maybe this can help a little bit http://www.itsartmag.com/features/converse-psyop/converse-psyop-p2.html
  12. Carolina Melis http://www.carolinamelis.com
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