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  1. Good link and great reference.
  2. Hey guys. Red Giant shot me an email saying that Key Correct Pro was being offered at a 75% discount. The program is $399.00 and you can get it for $99.75. Since it is downloadable, no taxes and no shipping. But it ENDS AUGUST 19th!!!!!!! It says that it is only for FCP but I bought it for After Effects and the discount works. Enter Coupon Code NLKC0809 to buy Key Correct Pro for only $99.75 Enjoy.
  3. knettwerk

    2009 Reel

    Nice. Love the 5.25" floppy. Brings back memories of 128MB was a lot. HA
  4. very cool. would be great with some sound design in the background. Good job and great message.
  5. Very cool. Love the cell division section in time with the music. Great job
  6. I agree. Go with the Raptors
  7. Do you have an actual reel. If so, you need to have it on the front page of your site. You have some good work. Good luck.
  8. So you are a firefighter and a motion graphics designer??? Your days must be completely screwed up.
  9. Now that is funny coming from the guy who is playing COD4 at all hours of the night. HA
  10. Cool stop motion piece. Enjoy!!! http://video.yahoo.com/watch/4711867/12590475
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