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  1. 1 C4d & houdini 2 XSI 3 Max a bit offtopic: If you have some spare time and have gained some experience i would dare you to have a look at houdini. While at first look it can be daunting, its really amazing to see how elegantly this app is, how amazing it scales, and how frustrating it can be if you are stuck
  2. Regarding the Enhanced open GL - if you are working in scenes with heavy geometry then turning enhanced open gl on can give you a massive boost as the geometry is cached in certain situations. Obviously the above still applys. Textures off, etc
  3. Hi all, found this germ and thought some of you might like this: http://www.xsyann.com/?p=76#comments Be sure to look around on the site are there are lots of goodies around. Enjoy
  4. Not sure if that can be still said for all OSS apps. Just thinking of the work mozilla is doing. The UI of blender is really one of a kind, i remember once trying to use blender to convert a obj to collada.
  5. First thought: Amazing stuff! Second though: Not beeing paraniod but imagine the possabilitys for missuse in a few years when the technologie behind it will be more mature = faster and cheaper todo.
  6. I gave it a test on the OS X side. Very nice. Not too sure about it keeping versions & Files. With big filesizes it will fill up your HD pretty quickly.
  7. HiRez is up: http://aixsponza.com/downloads/redbullwhat...tsNew_Large.mp4 Enjoy
  8. Works flawless under XP64. At aixsponza all the c4d workstations and the farm runs on xp64, just as under osx very quiet.
  9. Great link AAAron, maybe you allready know this site? http://www.scriptographer.com/
  10. Do a quick test, the quality is much better.
  11. H.264 is smaller and better looking. You can also serve a QT embed and offer the same files for download. Disadvantages are the higher cpu usage and flash9+ only. I'd use H.264.
  12. shinjin

    OSX Command Line

    Very handy indeed. Also nice is if you are in finder to hit " APPLE + SHIFT + G". It reviels the path but also lets you go to a pasteable path. Very handy link monkey, thanks!
  13. You Guys are fast! It was made by Aixsponza in a quite tight deadline i have to say. I allready have a HQ H264 ready but we have to wait for the ok from the production company & Red Bull first. As soon we get it i'll post it here.
  14. shinjin

    Snow leopard

    Same here. Designing on 1.8 can give nasty surprises. Btw if you install os x fresh, you can set your preferred gamma. Or later via some callibration.
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