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  1. Hello Guys, It is being ages since I posted something and it is time to get back. A have a problem with our render farm using C4D R15 and want to check if anyone ever saw this problem or how to sort it out. We have 6 PC in the farm and we hackintosh them to use Mac OS 10.8.4 This 6 Computers are using Team Render R15 and they are connected to one switcher that connect to another 6 iMacs. If I connect the 6 Farm computer and 1 iMac in a close network without internet the farm render all fine, but when I connect the Farm in the main network that has internet and send a render to the farm, it drops the connection. Sometimes all the 6 computer and sometimes just few. I am trying to find what could cause the problem, if it is too heavy to the network or something else. But they render fine when not connect in the internet network. Is anyone have any clue what could be or what to look for? thanks a lot guys, Thiago
  2. Hey guys, It is a long time I don't post, so I thought to let you guys know about the next event. I hope see some London base people there See No Evil Presents Airside & Mr Bingo | Decemeber 4th | Doors Open 7.00pm Talk Starts 7.30pm The City Arts & Music Project 70-74 City Road EC1Y 2BJ As usual it’s FREE and there are great prizes to win courtesy of our friends at Stash Magazine! PLUS as it’s almost Christmas we’ll be throwing in some special gifts to make sure nobody goes home empty handed! So get down to SNE where you can meet some liked minded creative people, and have some fun in the process! See you There! More info here.
  3. I am happy to say that we have an UK Motion Graphic Design Census.It is for the whole industry not only Motion Graphics. So, if you are an UK Base...please, fill the form and help us to get a better view of our industry and SPREAD THE LINK PLEASEEEEE!!! More people better. It is 100% anonymous, so don't worry. UK Census Here! In the website we have for US, Chile and coming other countries soon as well. HELP PEOPLE, Let's make a change
  4. ear All, As the nights draw longer and the days get colder we are here to help inject some much needed warmth. That's right it's the See No Evil Christmas Special! We've a brand spanking new, and vastly bigger home! We are now based The City Arts & Music Project 70-74 City Road EC1Y 2BJ (nearest tube station is Old Street - Northern Line). We're also extremely proud to announce we've teamed up with the guys & gals from one of London's premier music production companies, Hear No Evil, to provide a great line up of DJs and music for after the show. All because we love you lot! This month we have have London and Brighton based award-wining super studio and purveyors of fresh and innovative design, i Love Dust (http://www.ilovedust.com/)! Along side them, all the way from Belgium, we have the director duo sensation that is Pic Pic & Andre (http://www.nottoscale.tv/). Fresh from their recent feature film debut, A Town Call Panic. As usual the shows are free entry and we have lots of lovely prizes courtesy of the lovely folk at Stash Magazine! Make sure you make a note of these all important times and dates as you don't miss out! See No Evil - I Love Dust / Pic Pic & Andre When - Tues December 7th Time - Doors Open 7.00pm Talk Starts 7.30pm Where - The City Arts & Music Project 70-74 City Road EC1Y 2BJ Look forward to seeing you there! Thiago & James Team See No Evil Join Our Facebook Group Follow Us on Twitter
  5. Thanks Mylenium, it helped! It is just weird as the slider effect doesn't give this problem, but I sorted out with "(value - [36.5, -1]) + (comp("Mom 2D RIG 2").layer("Eye Control").effect("L Eye")("Point"));" cheers,
  6. Hey Guys, I am trying to rig a character to animate in After Effects. Basically, I have all my layers parent in a PreComp. The main comp has the PreComp plus a Null layer using Expression Effects to rotate and position each layer, so I don't end up with a lot layers and just 3 to control the whole body. Sliders to control x or y working fine, Rotations working fine, my only proble is when I use "point" to control x and y in the same effect. I moved the point effect in the Comp where I want it to have and then I am adding this expression "value + comp("Mom 2D RIG 2").layer("Eye Control").effect("L Eye")("Point");" on the position of the layer in my PreComp. But as soon as I add it the layer moves. I want it stay in the same place and just move when I move the point effect. Is it make sense? Any help will be much appreciate. thanks guys.
  7. Hello Gang, I hope everyone is well and ready for tonight! Yes, See No Evil is tonight with a special guest arriving in London just for you ;-) Ladies and Gentlemen... Please, Welcome Mate Steinforth, Creative director of German based studio Sehsucht (http://www.sehsucht.de <http://www.sehsucht.de/> ), and former designer & director at PSYOP. He is in London for one night only specially for you See No Evil friends! So come down to See No Evil tonight and make Mate Steinforth welcome to our wet and grey day, but warm and creative night! You can't miss it tonight! See No Evil - Mate Steinforth When - Tues August 10th Time - Doors Open 7.00pm Talk Starts 7.30pm Where - Kick Bar - 127 Shoreditch High Street E1 6JE Look forward to seeing you there!
  8. Howdy! After a slightly delayed start due to renovations we are back and are extremely proud and honoured to present an evening with Mate Steinforth of Sehsucht. Creative director of Germany based design / animation super studio Sehsucht , and former designer & director at one of Americas most prolific studios (PSYOP). Mate arrives in London to share with us his inspirational work and the thoughts behind it. As usual the shows are free entry and we have lots of lovely prizes courtesy of the lovely folk at Stash Magazine! I know I know, we're too good to you! Make sure you make a note of these all important times and dates so you don't miss out! See No Evil - Mate Steinforth When - Tues August 10th Time - Doors Open 7.00pm Talk Starts 7.30pm Where - Kick Bar - 127 Shoreditch High Street E1 6JE More info about Mate Steinforth and Sehsucht at www.seenoevil.tv Look forward to seeing you there! You can get the flier to email your friends on our website ---- See No Evil Team ---- hello@seenoevil.tv jobs@seenoevil.tv submit@seenoevil.tv ---- www.seenoevil.tv JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP
  9. Hey Guys, I am new to C4D and I am doing a quick animation for one project. I looked in the forum but didn't find it and I think it is a simple question. I have one element (a wall) animated and I want to hide like a mask in after effects. I am using Boole, so when it is inside de cube you can't see it. My problem is, every time I add the animated wall to the Boole, it changes the wall position. Is any way to fix it and keep my object position? sorry if it is a stupid question. Thanks Thiago
  10. guera


    I had another 2 mographs with me, but no pics I think it is really bad this term of ROCKSTAR. We are designs, directors, illustrators, animators... I sound like the new kids that want to be a ROCKSTAR and think our field is a pop show. I will tell my clients that don't pay or ask me to pitch for free that I am a rockstar and I am also thinking to create a Big Brother Design show for the ones that think they are a Rockstar.
  11. guera


    I was almost rapped by 6 girls that wanted me to striptease for them last Saturday in Copenhagen
  12. Morning Everyone, It is a lovely sunny day in London so it can mean only one thing... ... get out and enjoy it! So, I want to do a quick reminder for See No Evil event tonight. Yes, it is tonight! It is our 1st Anniversary with Ubik, Man vs Machine, Adobe and a lot more surprises. Come down tonight to celebrate our 1st anniversary, see all the amazing presentations and get the chance to win a copy of the newly released Adobe After Effects CS5 courtesy of Adobe. Also, we have a whole host of goodies from the lovely people at Stash Magazine to give away and... you will need to come down to know TONIGHT: Bar Kick 127 Shoreditch High Street. From 7pm - Talk Starts at 7:30pm Check Out our Interview with Motionographer at: http://tiny.cc/motionographer *JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE http://tiny.cc/seenoevil
  13. Hey Guys, Just want to share a interview on Motionographer with See No Evil. Interview I hope see you guys on Tuesday
  14. Thanks guys. It is the one! I thought it was on graymachine, but look everywhere in the website and I couldn't find. Did you take off? thanks again.
  15. Hey Guys, I remember to see last year a tutorial for after effects that you have 2 black balls and when you get they closer they connect to each other like the connect object in C4D. I don't remember where i saw and I looked everywhere, but I can find. I don't know the name so everything I search it is wrong. Do you know what tutorial I am talking about and where I can find or maybe the name or the subject, so i can find it. Any help would be appreciate. Thanks guys,
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