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  1. challenge your comfort level
  2. this brings tears to my eyes PS: how do I add my signature back?
  3. you are officialy bad ass, rockstar and lone captain of the long nights making that project cross delivery threshold. You are a true leader, get back to work For real, good work!
  4. futureproof, you should get the newly released Pascal engine GTX: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/10series/geforce-gtx-1080 On Octane forums comes 10/20% faster and this is without octane being optimized for pascal
  5. stoiqa

    A padded reel?

    dood, sao is missing from this post, mograph gurus are back on .net haha
  6. very nice of you, next step is move to LA and get some work
  7. skype, share screen option (for clients)
  8. He was not part of the Robocop // YuCo team, as me + Mert (Creative Director) and couple of other guys worked on these scenes. Some people like posting work they didn't had anything to do with on their site. This is not the first or the last time you gonna see this. PS: Just saw "Billions in change" on his site, he wasn't part of that either. This was our team over at Ignition (Sean Garfinkel / CD) and Blur
  9. that op is way to long to raise my "do not read" level
  10. nice find, one can use that as a screensaver to keep him sane when pulling hair on a job
  11. I would start with basic stuff, like Cached preview needs 2 more frames for playback (please fix this random thing that keeps on haunting us), proper audio sync and hopefully GPU supported for ram preview, It would be super awesome gpu enabled render. It`s crazy slow on 32bit tiff files, so I guess a better architecture in dealing in 32 bit medium, thx
  12. is this more like an advanced Layer manager? although it has benefits, due to versioning and scene change, no luxury in setting up a scene trough layer manager, they wanna see it ready yesterday that and the fact that you cant rely on premade setups or templates, it`s never the case...although we like to think so
  13. saying 32 cores 64 threads is slower than 6core 12 threads, you might be right. If you want we can compare cb scores also
  14. The big advantage of pc over latest generation mac pro is the option to have 2 processors on the same motherboard. E5 2699 V3 is a 16 core 32 threads, multiplied by two is gonna give you a monster for C4D. MacPros have the same processing architecture, but you can only put one processor. I7`s, I see them more for hobby/home use rather than heavy lifting, delivery production pipeline. If this is a c4d setup, I would focus on getting the latest fastest processor available, and worry about hard drives and the rest latter. my2c
  15. so, is it possible to have a sculpted poly mesh @ the end, (something like hit C and be able to have your mesh interact accordingly in a sim) I see that you can bake different channels, so you§ll get a displacement map, but I§m more interested in getting the actual polygons of the sculpt. Thx! PS: I exported as obj, and came trough, for future lurkers
  16. definitely a game changer, i was so waiting for this. Actually I was bothering the IT guy over @ Royale with this, and we were both contemplating how cool this would be if it was viable )
  17. It`s good that you shared with us, this way we can help/donate
  18. if this board wouldn't be this way, welker would still be where he was ..same goes for plenty of us (a little dose of reality comes in handy sometimes)
  19. looking good, would it be a good idea to also put in in storyboards?
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