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  1. I'm curious to see what the performance difference really is between these and the 8-cores. Are the extra 4 cores worth the extra $1500, and how much ram do you have to cram in these to make them worth it....
  2. a while ago I made a spot that was deliverable in SD but the possibility of needing an HD version was lingering, with that in mind I did all the work in HD and when it came time to render I took that and dropped it into a SD comp resized and rendered. Now the client wants the HD version, I haven't done any tests, but should the rendering in HD take longer or the same? Originally I was thinking it should take the same time, because to render the SD version it renders the HD frame and then scales, but someone told me differently. I'm unable to make a test at this point because I'm off location, but the client wants an ETA.
  3. So, I'm thinking about getting one of the Mac pros that came out last week. This machine is going to be 80% mograph (AE), 20% editing (FCP, dvcpro HD). I'm still trying to figure out the storage issue. A client of mine has HDPros on his machines and I love them, but they are overkill for me. What are you guys using these days?
  4. long story short, if you don't like expressions, then don't use them. But going to the extreme of villifying (however that's spelled) sounds more like a personal issue to me. A lot of us use them, and will continue to use them, and when asked a "how to" question, if the most efficient way is to use an expression, well, that's what we'll suggest. We all have features, methods and techniques we won't use or come near to, but if they work for someone else well, who are we to preach against them?
  5. as are third party plugins, presets, poor techniques and who knows what else. Point is, poor use of ______ doesn't mean that _______ is bad and not worth learning.
  6. Why are those two things mutually exclusive? I would've thought that any trick/tool you have under your sleeve would be a good thing to have. At the end of the day what we do is a combination of art and technique, why not expand on your technical abilities? There are MANY ways to screw up a project, not sure why you are targeting expressions in particular. Just as you talk about a particular example of a project being screwed up by bad expressions, I'm sure a lot of us can talk about projects that have been saved by expressions as well as projects that have been screwed up and had nothing to do with expressions. Long story short, if there's something I can do with expressions in 2 minutes that would take me two hours doing by hand, it's time well invested in learning.
  7. Yeah, I'm with you on that one. As of lately I'm doing as much stuff with expressions as I can, seems more streamlined. Not sure why that wiggler thing happened, it's only on one machine, I tried it on my laptop with the exact same setting and it had no problem. weird.....
  8. yep, I've done this a lot in the past, this is the first time I see this happening.....
  9. I'm on AE CS3, I have an element that I want to ad some random position keyframes to. The thing is that the wiggler is generating the keyframes, but they are not random, it's just adding keyframes to whatever position the elemnet happens to be in at the time. I've tried using jagged and smooth, overly exagerated the magnitude and frequency, but nothing... any ideas?
  10. eley


    dealbreaker....... j.k. I live close by so no hotel for me.....
  11. I'm guessing the same people that needed our congress to spend... how many months? on hearings about the use of steroids in baseball..... I wonder what comes next in their list of priorities...
  12. That's what I thought/feared. My income has grown over the last year or so, so I'm not sure they would count my "new" income; average it, or take the old "verifiable" one. I'm guessing that when you're in a situation like ours, your credit score doesn't have that much of a positive impact. Our last place was bought under a "first time home buyer" thing, we got 100% financing, no PMI, and a pretty good rate. The other thing I'm wondering about, is that since technically this would be my first time, do I qualify for that sort of thing (assuming those plans are still around, which would quite frankly surprise me)?. I'm guessing today's answer to all these questions will change a lot within the next months, on one hand they have to be careful not to make the same mistakes, on the other, they can't just stop lending money. ETA.. I found this, not very encouraging... http://www.mytwodollars.com/2008/09/02/qua...s-a-freelancer/
  13. I have a question for those of you who are incorporated/LLC'd or any of those. What happens when you go apply for a mortgage? What do they look at as income? and what if any particular hurdles have you encountered? I ask because a few years ago when we bought our first place it was just my wife (w-2) on the app, the logic was, she makes more than enough to cover the loan, and the broker told us that not putting my income in would make things more straight forward, I just didn't bother asking exactly what that meant. This time around since we just relocated to a much more expensive area we will have to include my income, so before I'm curious to see what I'm going to be up against...
  14. eley

    Is this Legal

    I used to be in a similar situation, 'for profit company' owned by a non profit. People under the profit side were pretty much exempt from the rules. But the people under the actual non-profit, boy were they screwed. First they had a big fat clause that not only you had to be of their religion (somewhat understandable), but you had to be a member of their particular church. Part of being a member entailed "strictly following all the rules" in particular the one about thything (however it's spelled). Sad thing is, apparently it was perfectly legal.........
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