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  1. Dreamhost I've heard of however went to the site and I have no idea how the final bill gets tallied. Looking like they want a year minimum up front ? No monthly charges at least none I see from their "configurator". I don't have a problem doing the plugins and maintenance. Just not too much coding. Behance looking interesting, need to explorer more there provided they do the quicktime. Anyone tried godaddy ? Stuart
  2. I want my own domain name and site where I can upload Quicktime as well as MP3's and have visitors view and hear them. (novel huh ) Anyway, while I have done some web app work before I really prefer not to do most of that now. Basically I'm looking to just get my stuff up in a presentable order. Some of things that would be nice is Flash, thumbnails, embedded players and streaming. Am I asking too much ? Oh wait, my last preference is cheap price. Any links to where you might be hosting in a similar way would be cool. TIA Stuart
  3. I was asking if someone knew the link for the benchmarks and the order of configurations in how they scored. I've been mostly straightening problems so I haven't really done much of anything in C4D. I have 4 gigs of memory, I sort of made a sacrifice since it's DDR3, that I'd get it up and running first and then add more. However it's an X48 chip board so the cutoff is 8 gigs and filling up all the slots can effect performance. Lot to think about. Stock cooler from Intel was completely useless. I got great power, tons of cooling but one problem is getting DDR 1600 to work. At this point it doesn't, it is not a lone problem as I've come across discussions about it googling. So lots more tuning and solving to go, but I would like a baseline (where I'm at now). How far off or in a good zone. Stuart p.s. I did not do so well on a number of runs of 3D Mark Vantage. Maybe I'm expecting too much.
  4. I know in some thread there is a link to Cinebench showing a tiered "sort of" list by the top scoring machines on down. Searching I have yet to find it, anyone know that link ? Also , here are my scores, default preferences , no overclocking. Anyone tell me what you think. It's a quad core with the ATI 4870 video. Tester : Stuart Processor : IntelĀ® Core2 Quad CPU Q9450 @ 2.66GHz MHz : 3000 Number of CPUs : 4 Operating System : WINDOWS 64 BIT 6.0.6001 Graphics Card : ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series Resolution : <fill this out> Color Depth : <fill this out> **************************************************** Rendering (Single CPU): 3224 CB-CPU Rendering (Multiple CPU): 11093 CB-CPU Multiprocessor Speedup: 3.44 Shading (OpenGL Standard) : 4847 CB-GFX ****************************************************
  5. Anxious to get up and running , i forgot to install the 8.1 + for AE. My bad. 8.1 fixed the issue. Stuart
  6. So I finally built my system with the Visiontek 4870 and installed After Effects CS3. I'm freaking because AE won't does not see an opengl card. The latest drivers are installed and all works well in other apps not sure why AE. Stuart
  7. Well I"m keeping my fingers crossed as far as driver / compatibility issues with AE but the 4870 is on it's way here . Most of the cards were gone / marked limited supply at Newegg. I would have gone with a Sapphire but had to go with Vision Tek instead. I'm not necessarily a Sapphire fan anyway. Cool ! Thanks for all the feedback! Stuart
  8. I'm going to be building a new system over the next few weeks. Quadcore (9450) DDR3, etc. (I already know I'll be paying a premium) Anyway, trying to figure out a good video card. Running AE CS3 , Cinema 4D, Particle Illusion, other intense video apps. I think I want to stick with ATI so it would be good to keep the responses to those. I've used ATI forever and haven't had much trouble over the years. What I'm trying to determine is if I should be looking at say more of a gamer's card . desktop or a workstation card like the FireGL. FireGL's have a price range the higher up ones are beyond my budget. I'm trying to stick at most in the $300-$400 range. Less is fine also. TIA Stuart
  9. Out of curiousity , anyone try Crazy Talk ? It's marketed IMO as something for fun, cell phone messages, etc. So, it doesn't have a serious professional sound to it. Also it seems to be more for stills then footage. However playing around with it I like the potential. Lots of tweakability and outputs / imports into AE well. Actually, check it out just for animating still of faces, it's pretty cool. Stuart
  10. Yeah , I tried PLA initially , didn't work. And the winner is split ! (Tried,worked) Thank you!
  11. I know this should be relatively simple, however stuck and not sure what to google . I made a cube and gave it 4 segments each xyz. Then I made seperate selections using the loop selection tool. Now I want to animate each slice on it's own but can't get it to work. I did do a disconnect for each slice but preserved groups. Not sure if I should have NOT preserved groups. Guess I'll go back and try it. Just in case though I'm all ears Stuart
  12. check mylenium's 6 part Mograph on creativecow.com Also, free to sign up on Cineversity, Sasi has some good Mograph tutes there.
  13. Nice depth of field. What are you using ? F******R, you just killed it for everyone, ......"when fish fly". (or are sharks mammals ? I'm not a marine biologist \) Nice stuff, thanks for the share.
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