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  1. Hi Guys, I want to build a scene where the wiggle expression applied to the position of an object dampens or decays over time. Or something like a camera shake decaying over time. My guess is that it can be accomplished using the slider control; but am unable to rig, or lets say, link the slider to to the wiggle. Can some help, or show me a tutorial/resource where this can be achieved? Regards, V
  2. Hi, There is a studio called TAG or The Animation Group. Have been trying to get it's website address but can't seem to find it. Does anyone know the link? Also, what happened to Novo.com? Seems like a defunct website or out of work. No updates on the site.
  3. Maxon has not released the C4D2AE connection plugin for R12. The one for R11.5 does not work in R12. How does one go about writing the AEC file from R12? V AE CS4 32-bit C4D R12 32-bit
  4. Thanks for the comments 150 dpi is a good workflow suggestion. I'm thinking of making the composition to fit me in 6'x6' and three tiles which I then join in PS. Let's what I manage in this. Maybe will post a small comp of the result. Thanks guys
  5. Hi, I made a composition for a client and have now been asked to make a print of the same. The final output size will be 18x6 feet front-lit translite. I will add more elements to this in Photoshop later. Has to be at least 300 DPI. 1) How do I render from C4D this size? 2) PSD or TIF render from C4D? 3) What tweaks do I need to make to C4D to render? 4) If I pan across the screen and render in pieces, I lose the perspectives originally made and the composition looks weird. I was once a 3dsMax user, but switched to C4D about 2 years back. For Max there was a utility called SuperBigRender, or BigRender, which allowed huge print renderings in pieces which could be put together in Photoshop. Is there something similar for C4D? Really need help on this or I lose a very important client.
  6. @ ChrisC What typeface is THAT! I like it
  7. Hi, I want to see a "spline" to show me the path I made while making my objects move. I am not using align-to-spline but randomly moving my objects and want to see the path I make when moving my objects. Also is it possible to see the path when an object is selected? This is important as I have many objects in my scene. What settings to use? Thanks
  8. @ Sao_Bento, Lol, I wasn't drifting into that territory. It's just that I am a noob and would like to get started off in the right direction. The first "hint" I'd take would be to go the C4D/any other 3D program way or completely AE? And stoiqa did say that there was some kind of tutorial that would help me learn how this was done. Just thought I'd be lucky in getting a link to that.
  9. Wow, so many responses. I am trying to work out one of the solutions posted. But to speed up things, would someone be kind enough to make a sample scene with settings that one can follow? I thought I was stupid when I posted this thinking why would people waste their time on a noob's question. Thanks people
  10. Hi all, Can someone let me know how this particular effect was done? Really cool...can someone suggest a site which has a similar effect making tutorial? I wanted to send Pariah Studios a tutorial request but am having problems registering there. This was done by Royale. I guess it ain't polite asking studios how they do their work
  11. And so is C4DPortal. If anyone is interested in devoting time to keep this up and running, contact the admins. Closing down because the guys don't have time to keep it up and running.
  12. I'm having the same problem. Got them o work in r10 but not in r11.5. How to solve this?
  13. Looks very familiar to Rayfire Tool for 3dsMax
  14. Can you please check the link to download? I am getting to a domain sale site.
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