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  1. realflow does the trick! no fluid simulations in cinema yet.
  2. WhaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Im going nuts!!!
  3. Try to animate a 3d camera smoothly with the praph editor, and while you are at it, add some keyframes inbetween other keyframes, and try to get rid of all the nasty damn curves it creates.... I dare you! lol
  4. OMG... I just want to scream out loud!!! Why the f*ck did Adobe come up with such a rediculous "improvent" which they call the graph editor. Completely useless and unlogical. Am I the only one that doesn't understand this "editor" which it aint. Bring back the 6.0 editor Adobe please!!! Or put it back in as an option and call it "classic editor" F*ck, what a waste of time. Thanks for listening... -R
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