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  1. Exactly! I know it works in XSI, it has to work in Maya also. I mean that each Hair which is calculated out of the guideHairs gets a Plane assigned. You can also make a bunch of different planes and it will then choose from them. I know it works, but I cannot explain you, how. If Maya refuses to make this with Nurbs, try with Polyplanes with a fair amount of polys to realize the bending in the wind.
  2. For that superclose shot, get decent textures, make alphas in photoshop, create another Hair Object in maya, attach geometry to it (NurbsPlanes), apply grass textures and alphas onto your nurbsplanes.. In the Background put the Hair you already created.
  3. Hi to all! This is my first post, I stumbled over the forum via motionographer and I like it here. So, as I read the thread about the ImagePlaneScript for C4D from James MK (hihi...still know him from posting in cgtalk...) I decided to register here and post my expressosetup for you to use, because it has an almost similar function. The setup allows you to load 16 pictures into userdatafields and it then will create planes with these pictures in the luminacechannel (could be enhanced to alpha easily) in the correct width and height for each pic. Then you also have 16 rectangular splinecontrollers to determine where the Planes are "born". These controllers also get the width and height of the images to which they belong. Difficult to explain but easy to use. Imagine you want a collage of images, simply preprocess the images in Photoshop (resize all to 5 different sizes for example), then load them into the userdataslots in C4D and use the splines to create that wall, simply put the splines randomly next to each other ( or freely in the 3d space). Hit Play and the Planes with the Pics on them will then be animated-> they rotate in, stand there, and after several seconds they move to the left side out of the screen. You want that they do something else? Dive into TP and do what you want with them, changing the TP-Part of my setup (everything documented with comment nodes in the Xpresso). As you may have guessed the planes are particles which are assigned and passed to three different groups, so it is very easy to change the animations. You want more of these imageplanes? No Problem, just load the setup twice and so on. But take care: C4D has a "bug", it does not change the group names of the ThinkingParticle-Groups, so a second loading of the setup into the scene will result in two planes with same picture on them are emitted at the same time. So, before loading the second setup, just rename (suffix A, for example) the particlegroups and then after that load the second setup. In the userdatasection I have several other adjustmentsalso, for the lifetime for example. But when you dig into that setup much more is possible. So here it is, have fun with it! For me it was a huge timesaver! DL here: http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=NZU5NADT and a preview pic...
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