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  1. @Binky: The material is new, i just composited or sometimes simply mixed projects. It's very interesting to read your point of view as i see it comes from someone who knows the "trade" i'm working in romania for 5 years now in motion design / animation / post, having worked in web & print before... i think the markets are just sooo different, we have mostly small studios, so for example i often work projects by myself a-z. from concept, art direction, design to animation and compositing... esentially all projects are personal projects, where i mostly created everything, so i could fit anywhere in that pipeline. hey, i am the pipeline... from this point of view. i really understand what you're saying so that's why i'm actuallly like having a revelation on how a "real industry" actually works. i'll edit a motion graphics / animation only reel for use with foreign clients... your post really clears up some stuff here, thanks!
  2. @mete_shop: thanks for the feedback! @philmadelphia: good points... what would you cut, except let's say the dog/mouse sequences...?
  3. Hello, Allow me to introduce myself to the community through my new reel. After having enough of just editing reels, i've decided to create a new mix of the elements created from various project over the last few years: 2D & 3D animation, postproduction, various video works... see it on my website: http://video.sendal.ro/motion-graphics/the-reel/ ... or ... on vimeo: http://vimeo.com/4864768 Feedback welcomed thank you & enjoy!
  4. Thanks so much for the tips in this thread, everyone!
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