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  1. Hey,

    Are you just producing the content or will you be playing it back live too?

    TD is great but i’d stick to what you know, if you don’t have to playback content then avoid complicating things with TD. If you do there are simpler options for playback.
    Will it be audio reactive or pre rendered content.
    Depending on the style of music you should be able to break down each track and build some style frames from there.
    My workflow is break down the tracks, design a style, create a few loops per track, learn to mix them well to the music. Repeat for each track. Creating 60 mins of VJ content is a lot even for a proficient mograph artist. Keep it simple. Can you source any stock footage or does it need to be all custom?

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. I have been holding out for 3 years now and ive read that much on windows i'm very tempted. In saying that though i'd like to hear some tests when they come through. I've got the original 5k iMac and although great for what I want will soon start to slow down.


    Holding out for the Mac Pro?

  3. Yeah formal art / design education is something I never had when I started. Couldn't recommend it enough. I started using AE but after a year or two realised my work was terrible. I didn't understand any design principles or any animation principles! After going to uni I learnt a hell of a lot but they kind of skipped the design part.


    Its always great to be in that environment when people can help each other. So some class would be great!


    Anyways this is not about me! Good luck and looking forward to hearing which path you take!

  4. There was a similarly priced solution floating around a while ago. It was unreliable and there was a distinct lack of support as far as I remember. I just use DNXHD mxf files as a go between for PC/Mac now. At $179 it's probably more cost effective to buy a second hand mac specifically for Pro Res conversions.


    Yeah you would always just buy an old Mac Mini would could even double up as a file server...

  5. Thank you Oeuf and ChrisC. These little nuggets do make the experience back to Windows a bit more enjoyable. However after a month (I know it's early) of using Windows 10, I think I might stick with my Mac for all of my design work. And use my new PC build, for 3D only.


    Has it been difficulty to get in the flow with using windows?

  6. Seer checks off one of the "I really want that" boxes for windows. The other is column view. Has anyone found a good solution here?


    Yeah thats the main one for me!

    I know I can download some other explorer options but none of them look super great so I want to know what you lot have found.


    One Commander seems to be getting good reviews but its interesting what AromaKat said.

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