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  1. My only issue is how "Native" ProRes works on Windows. Outside of that I feel like I would buy a PC and set in a shitload of passwords and download all the same software and life moves on.


    Again I have no experience of this but I believe I've read a few threads / articles that talk about gamma shift on export but I don't know if that's just a codec issue or a windows specific issue. Very happy for someone else to speak of their experience.

  2. The issue is shit tons of camera data from shoots that are unrealistic to keep on Dropbox and you need hella speed from your RAID.


    But if Mac drives in general appear as native, that will help a lot in the feeling comfortable with it area.


    Yeah option 3 does look good. Yeah that's the question. In theory I don't see why transfer speeds would be any different but it would be great if someone could chime in.


    I'm almost 50/50 cross platform.


    Since switching my days are filled with dread.


    Interesting, what have your issues been? I've very close to building a windows rig...

  3. Possible hang-ups:


    My giant library of Mac Formatted drives.

    Film business only passes around mac formatted drives from shoots.

    Drives / Drives / Drives

    Even if I format my new drives as exFAT, I only interact with people who assume Mac formatting.


    Correct me if I'm wrong but you can just get a simple app that lets you access Mac formatted drives on your windows machine. I have something similar to access PC formatting drives. I'm sure the utility was free (not on my home machine atm) but I've had no issues. In saying that I have not had to transfer large quantities of data.

  4. I watched a reel some time ago where the guy had worked on a lot of point of sale animations for a cinema's candy bar. They looked 1080x1920. He basically just found some stock images of those environments and super imposed the animations over the top. Treated the scenes a little with colour correction / nice transitions but it looked great. Unfortunately I can find that reel anymore!


    Something similar perhaps? Maybes record some footage of an iPhone and do the same? Its a tricky resolution as you don't want o waste space but I'm sure it would work. Just my thoughts :)

  5. I think its like any other industry/profession. Its tough to break through but you'll get there just like everyone else. It can take a few years to find your place but you will.


    I think as well that there is almost a hysteria that goes around in the community of businesses closing down and how bad it is for everyone (and it is bad no one wants to be out of work) but that just happens everywhere every day in any profession.


    Keep an eye on the industry but don't let it swallow you up :)



    i think if you're asking this question, then you should probably go into a field with a more reliable/predictable source of income.


    You can have a reliable/predictable source of income from this industry.


    Yes mostly AE, followed by PR then C4D. I have the luxury of a 16 strong render farm at the office for the big renders (2008/2009/2012 Mac Pros).



    Cool - it sounds very similar to what I do. A little C4D but nothing my machine can't handle render wise.



    SSD for Cache seems to work really well, though it's a bit of a background task so I've not found it directly noticeable so to speak. To be honest most of the stuff on the work drive is PSDs, AI files, Pro Res HQ or h264 footage, so nothing too taxing, for that it's fine. However I often render directly to the cache or boot drive then move it to the work drive once it's finished as that's a fair bit quicker.


    Thats fair and again I'm using the same files. Mainly vector for some current projects but I do find rendering to another drive can be quicker.




    I work a lot from USB 3 SSD drives as I can take them too and from the office, they're fast enough to use as a project drive and not expensive (you can make a 1TB USB3 drive for about £200).


    Nice! I don't own any fast external drives yet but good to know you can work from them! Cheers for this!

  7. I built my own machine about 6 months ago, blows anything I've used before out of the water, with plenty of headroom to upgrade:


    Case: Black NZXT H440 - £80

    CPU: Intel 5820k - £290

    Cooler: H100i GTX - £77

    Mobo: Asus X99 Pro - £128

    RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX - £83

    PSU: XFX XTR Series 850W - £80

    GPU: Asus Strix GTX 970 - £210

    Boot: 128GB Sandisk SSD - £40

    Cache: 64GB M4 SSD

    Projects: 2TB Deskstar


    Approx total: £1k


    This is along the lines of what I would like to build. Great power and not too expensive.


    What is your main work load, AE?


    Much different with the SSD for Cache? (Sounds like a silly question I know but i'd be keen to hear)


    Working on a slower drive for projects is there much of a bottle neck?

  8. I'm extremely, and surprisingly happy with my Surface Book. I would never use it as a primary working machine, but as a laptop for those on-the-go moments, its pretty fantastic.


    Awesome to hear. I've been looking at that for a while but waiting too. Moving back over to Windows from Mac so really looking forward to it!

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