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  1. Yeah that would be a good option considering the parts required for it. I wonder if Apple file a lawsuit. I don't mind square towers, you can always hide them!
  2. Dune Case Anyone know if this is any good or just a gimmick? Read some of the comments! Tech Specs: Warranty 1 year Weight 2.6 kg Color Metallic Black, Gold Form Factor Mini-ITX Dimensions (H x W x D) 260 × 215 × 215 mm Motherboard Support Mini-ITX Max GPU Length 185 mm Power Supply Support SFX Hard Drive Bays (x2) 2.5 inch Case Material Aluminium Power Supply SFX (optional) Input / Output (Front) x4 USB 3.0, x1 Speaker port, x1 Mic port x1 Ethernet port, x2 HDMI Case Fan 140mm (Included) Part Number DC-SFX-V1
  3. Survey completed and just incase you had missed this... http://www.sandervandijk.tv/after-effects-features/wishlist-suggestions-updates
  4. Yeah same, keeping away from the screen as long as I can!
  5. Interesting topic and I have gone the same way as most here. I find it really draining 'keeping up to date' with whats going on. Almost like Blog Fatigue. I do really like butdoesitfloat mind! Have not been on it a while though!
  6. Yeah Dragon Frame seems to be the go to.
  7. I upgraded to El Capitan yesterday and installed the new AE update. I was unable to get a steady 25fps on any comp. This included a comp with a still frame doing nothing. CC 2014 worked fine under El Capitan so I have reverted back to Yosemite and no issues so far. This seems to be an issue on my side in terms of OSX. The update actual seems alright. I'll be doing some more testing and will report back anything wrong.
  8. I thought as much but thanks for re-affirming. Off topic - I have just installed the latest version of 2015 CC and my machine cannot playback a still image at 25fps!!! That was my day wasted yesterday!
  9. Is there any word on when this will be? I am about to build a new machine and trying to cover most bases.
  10. Any more on this? Have you went ahead and built this system?
  11. Basic

    Drive advice

    I am wondering this too.
  12. Cool, always good to have something as a reference! Cheers.
  13. Sounds great. About to build a new machine... running away from mac.
  14. Freelance was great for me. Well paid but stressful and I'd get burnt out quick. Now though I have a full time gig producing video's for an educational company. Job is awesome and I leave at 5 on the dot every night. Restored that work life balance I had wanted for so long. regular pay and now free evenings... Funny thing is I realised I actually didn't have any hobbies when I left freelance as all my time was consumed by that. I don't feel I'm at that stage where I want to transition to something else but it will one day.
  15. Yeah I'm in the same boat... fingers are crossed every day haha.
  16. Awesome, thanks for this. Yeah I like the idea of getting one built too. So affordable and a good machine. I don't really just C4D that heavily more of an AE user so this looks great. Thanks again!
  17. Awesome Aaron this looks great. Do you have an offsite backup as well?
  18. What's the setup you have? Have you posted it on here before? 3K sounds good to me This looks sick! Nice Setup too!
  19. Yeah PC only and I don't think they view is to change that to Mac any time soon. I checked this out a little while ago - it may have changed but I doubt it.
  20. Got to give it to Square Space. Easy to use and took me a day to build my site. Serves it's purpose and I use Vimeo to host you guessed it my videos. The idea of having my own website that i've built from scratch sounds awesome but the reality of learning it all is way too much.
  21. Cool, thanks for all of the responses. C4D would be great but its not a strength of mine and everything is to be 2D. Ah thanks, i did miss this part. Been looking at some of his work over the weekend and awesome! Some great things being done! This is also very interesting. I was a little shocked to see AE revealing something like this. I have been looking more into Duik and I think with the new release of 15 it's going to be a very interesting script. I think it's have a major over haul, no UI and a ton more options. Should hopefully be out in the next few months. Fingers crossed but version 14 will still do the trick.
  22. How is everyone feeling about this? Looks good from this. http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/products/creativecloud/cc/pdfs/nab2015_character_animator.pdf I have a lot of Character stuff coming up so looks like it's coming at a good time but I was eyeing up this too... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/duik-15--2 Cheers Liam
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